'Deadwood' Movie Announced!

Many fans of the former hit show Deadwood on HBO felt that the series ended far too soon. It only aired for three seasons, from 2004-2006, but many reveled in the delicious story of Deadwood, South Dakota, where crime and lawlessness ran rampant.

Luckily for everyone who couldn’t get enough of the stylized Western drama, HBO has just greenlit a movie adaptation of the show!

News of the announcement quickly spread from the Television Critics Association press tour, and the internet couldn’t be happier.

At the moment, it appears that production for the film will begin as soon as October, with the potential for a spring 2019 release:

Even HBO got in on the fun on Twitter:

Variety explained why it might have taken sooo long for this movie to come to fruition — blaming the delay on the schedules of the principal players:

While an announcement of a green light does not a full movie make, it is a good sign of things to come:

We’re right there with you. While we can’t go back in time and get two more seasons, this is an excellent solution!

And then there are logistical aspects of the reunion that will be hard to overcome:

There are basically no details other than the green light available at the moment, but that’ll just have to be good enough for now: