Doctors Suspended after Using Man's Severed Leg as a Pillow

A few Indian doctors are in hot water following a surgery they performed at a government-run hospital in Uttar Pradesh. A 28-year-old, identified only as Ghanshyam, was seriously injured in a bus accident, and as a result, needed a portion of his leg amputated. Soon after the surgery, a post-operative photo of the patient went public and sparked outrage when it could be seen that the man’s head was propped up on his own amputated leg.

An investigation was launched and originally two doctors were suspended. But after further inquiries into the situation, one senior resident orthopedist, one EMO, and two other medical staff were suspended.

The image of the man at the center of the controversy quickly made its rounds on the news and Twitter:

Sadhna Kaushik, who is the principal at Maharani Laxmi Bai Medical College, made a statement:

But her words were not acceptable to some who have called the situation a gross display of medical apathy. Somehow the fact that the staff looked for something to prop his head up was enough to justify the use of an amputated limb. Dr. KK Agarwal, who is president of the India Medical Association, issued a statement on Twitter:

The National Human Rights Commission even got involved:

It appears that an investigation into the incident is still underway.


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