'Beardaments' Are the Christmas Gift You Never Thought You'd Give

Just when it seemed that the internet couldn’t get any weirder, Beardaments arrived on the scene just in time for Christmas. If you know and love someone sporting facial hair, then you might want to seriously consider these new products as a stocking stuffer or for the perfect (and strangest) Secret Santa ever.

Beardaments, which is a small company operating out of Salt Lake City, Utah, sells accouterments for beards. They include beard ornaments, Glitterbeard, and beard oil. Men with luxurious facial locks can get extra festive this year by adorning their beards or goatees with tiny ornaments, no different from a Christmas tree. For even more decoration, they can treat their beards with beard oil, to “enhance their shine” and then apply Glitterbeard (yes, glitter for your beard). The result is a spectacularly sparkly red, green, silver, or gold beard, complete with tiny baubles.

For men who have participated in “No Shave November,” Beardaments might be the answer if shaving seems like a chore.

According to the website, Beardaments “are typically worn on Christmas day or Christmas Eve when opening presents and taking wacky pictures with the fam, our economical beard decorations also go great with your ugly sweaters. They’re the facial hair accessories that add to the humorous appeal of your ugly Christmas sweater get up, thus increasing your chances of going home a costume contest winner.”

Instagram – Beardaments

So if you’re bored with the growth on your face, or if you want your husband to sparkle like the lights on your tree, then you might want to give this odd item a try.