Miss Peru Contestants Refuse to Share Bust Measurements at Pageant

Twenty-three contestants in the Miss Peru 2018 pageant used their platform to shine a light on something important in their country. People around the world are applauding their effort. During the broadcast of the pageant, there is an archaic segment in which each woman is supposed to recite her bust, hip, and waist measurements. This year, each woman opted to announce a chilling statistic about violence against women in Peru. Gender-based violence in the South American country runs rampant and often goes unpunished. The contestants hoped to begin to change that bleak fact once and for all.

Some of the statistics brought to light by the women included information about things like the number of cases of reported femicide over the last nine years (a staggering 2,202), the percentage of women who are victims of street harassment (70 percent), the number of girls who suffer sexual abuse in Peru (13,000), and the percentage of women in a particular city who are victims of violence (80 percent).

The winner of the Miss Peru competition was Romina Lozano. During her interview questions, she proposed creating a database with the information about each aggressor.

You can see more of what the contestants spoke about in the tweet below.