7 Foolproof Holiday Cocktails to Help You Ring in 2017

I think we can all agree that 2016 was a bust, right? We came into it with the best of intentions last January, and then it quickly went to hell. It’s time to say sayonara to a year replete with an inordinate number of celebrity deaths, an election from hell, war, terrorism, and tweet storms that were truly stranger than fiction.

If you’re planning to host a New Year’s Eve party this year (or even if you find yourself alone, or just celebrating with your immediate family), you might want to consider thinking outside the box when it comes to your cocktails of choice. Champagne is good and all, but it’s boring. This is your opportunity to mark the end of this horrific year with delicious fun, and to welcome 2017 with open arms (and a good buzz).

Here are some sparkling and non-sparkling options to consider this weekend. A couple of the cocktails call for some kind of simple syrup. Here is a basic recipe that you can change as needed with any flavor. Happy New Year!

Champagne Margaritas

Although this might sound like a trip to a hangover from hell, you might enjoy the journey. Margaritas are festive in and of themselves, so they’re the perfect base for a NYE cocktail. Just combine your favorite margarita ingredients with some sparkling wine and you’ll have a hit on your hands. (Check out the pin to learn how to give your glass a sugary rim!)

Pomegranate Yule Mule

Moscow Mules are a favorite in my house. Anytime my husband gets a chance to add ginger beer to something he gets very excited. This year we are looking forward to putting a holiday twist on this drink. Since pomegranates are in season and add beautiful color, they’re the natural choice for changing up any recipe. Rosemary sprigs are reminiscent of pine wreaths and add beautiful fragrance as well.

Good as Gold

This particular cocktail helped us ring in the new year a couple of years ago and it’s still a solid option. You just need to be careful because they go down really easily. Basically, the drink consists of vodka (I prefer citrus vodka for this one), honey simple syrup (although you can use regular or citrus simple syrup if you’d like), a splash of sparkling wine, and a lemon twist. It’s delicious, beautiful, and will make you forget 2016 faster than you can say “fake news.”

Cranberry Pineapple Punch

Another beautiful fruit from the season is the tart cranberry. If you’re having a crowd come over this year, a punch is always a surefire way to please everyone. This rum-based drink is fruity, festive, and easy to make in bulk.

Holiday Champagne Punch

While we’re on the topic of punch, why not have a sparkly option? It’s got all the aspects of a good holiday drink (think cinnamon sticks and cloves), yummy bubbly, and even has red sugar-rimmed glasses! Your guests will think that you put way more effort into these than you’ll actually need.

Christmas Sangria

Similar to our champagne margarita above, this holiday beauty is a nice twist on a classic. Once again we’re adding cranberries and rosemary, but unlike some of the options we’ve already listed, this cocktail is not overly sweet. It might be the perfect choice for a more subdued evening.

Reindeer Bubbles

Finally, I leave you with a truly beautiful, yummy, and entertaining cocktail idea. It’s simple to make, but looks like a million bucks. With green rimming sugar and pomegranate seeds, this drink practically is holidays in a glass. The only ingredient you’ll have to whip up is pomegranate syrup, but that can be easily done simply by combining simple syrup and pomegranate juice.