Larry the Cat Stays as Cameron Leaves 10 Downing

On July 13, David Cameron stepped down as Britain’s prime minister, handing over the reins to Theresa May. Traditionally, the prime minister lives at 10 Downing Street. So while the home got some new human inhabitants, its resident mouser, Larry the Cat, got to stay. Here are some other things to know about the changeover.

1. 13 on the 13th for Queen Elizabeth

Since becoming Queen of England 64 years ago, Elizabeth II has formally welcomed 13 prime ministers to run the government since Churchill. Officially, the monarch must clear the way for each incoming PM in a private ceremony.

2. David Cameron gets a demotion.

As head of Parliament, Cameron “held weekly ‘private audiences’ with Queen Elizabeth. He entered the palace Wednesday as the nation’s leader and left as merely one of the House of Commons’ 650 lawmakers.” But he is young — only 49 years old — and still has the potential for a lucrative career ahead of him.

3. Theresa May won’t be up for re-election until 2020…

…since she took over Cameron’s government, which was only formed last year. Also, she was still backed by the majority of “the 330 Conservative lawmakers in the House of Commons. Nobody else had a vote on the matter, because in parliamentary systems the leader of the ruling party gains a preferential right to lead the nation.”

4. The PM must vacate immediately!

While technically the prime minister resides at 10 Downing, David Cameron “and his family actually live next door in No. 11 as part of a residence swap with his neighbor, treasury chief George Osborne.” The family of five has to turn over the residence to the new prime minister immediately, unlike any outgoing American president who is given a couple of months to vacate the White House.

5. Larry now belongs to the house.

The Camerons picked out the 9-year-old tabby from an animal shelter a few years ago in response to an increase in rodents around the residence. The beloved cat has since taken his duty as mouser very seriously. Before departing, Cameron said of his beloved cat: “Sadly I can’t take Larry with me. He belongs to the house and the staff love him very much. As do I.”

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