How to Avoid a Painful Phone Bill When Traveling Abroad

You’ve just had the best trip of your life. You took the most amazing pictures and, of course, you posted all the choicest ones to Instagram and Facebook. You even texted that one of you on the bridge at sunset to your whole family. You make your way home and you are on cloud nine; it was the perfect European vacation. Then you get your cell phone bill in the mail. That warm glow quickly dissipates into a haze of rage and sadness wafts over you faster than you can say “selfie.” Guess what? You just learned a terrible lesson the hard way: all that data you used cost way more than you thought. Way. More.

Luckily, Motto lists some pretty simple steps you can take to curb your data demands for all those future trips you’ve already started planning:

  • Turn off data roaming
  • Consider turning off all cellular data, which will ensure you only connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi
  • Get an international data plan
  • Specifically control which apps use cellular data
  • Download maps ahead of time
  • Use a messaging app, instead of regular texts
  • Buy a local SIM card

Don’t let that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from the best trip of your life get cut short. Instead, follow these simple steps and let it linger a little longer.