Bill Maher For Tolerance?

Professor Jacobson, blogging at Legal Insurrection, has caught Bill Maher reaping what Media Matters has sown: “What goes around come around, and Bill Maher is feeling the heat.”


Media Matters, Think Progress, et al. obviously forgot about Alinsky Rule 4 when they went all out to target Rush; but that’s par for the course for the Leftie noise machine. I suppose it’s easy to do so when all you care about is silencing dissent.

That aside, it’s hard to tell how much heat Maher is actually feeling over all this. HBO experienced serious subscriber declines last year. Their situation improved soon after, adding 190,000 subscribers during the last quarter of 2011.

I don’t know what their current numbers look like. We probably won’t know till later this year. The economy has hit the pay TV industry hard, but I have the feeling the number of angry conservatives who used to be HBO subscribers has to amount to several thousands. And that can’t be good for HBO.

Given that HBO has become the non-news equivalent of MSNBC (and have they ever!) I can only see the ideology-fueled subscriber flight continuing. I mean, it’s not like HBO is done with programming that skewers conservatives…or Sarah Palin.

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