The Most Nauseating Movie News of the Day

Got an air sickness bag handy?  You may need one when you learn the details of who’s behind a film adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984 that may be coming soon to a theater near you:

George Orwell’s seminal literary work 1984 could be getting a new movie adaptation.

Imagine Entertainment, the production house run by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, and LBI Entertainment, the banner run by Julie Yorn, are teaming up to develop a new take on the 20th century classic.

Shepard Fairey, the street artist perhaps best known for creating the Barack Obama “Hope” poster, was instrumental in bringing the project to Imagine and LBI and might take some sort of producer role once the deals shake out.

Imagine and Fairey were pursuing Orwell’s estate for the rights to 1984 and discovered that Yorn was simultaneously pursuing the rights. The two companies then decided to pair up.

That’s right: we may soon see in screens big and small a movie that could very well be advertised as “From the Dishonest Propagandist Who Brought You the Obama ‘Hope’ Poster.”

There’s something very fitting about a dishonest propagandist pushing for a whole new 1984 movie, but coming from Obama booster Ron Howard and Shepard Fairey, this project might amount to – if it’s ever produced – a version of 1984 that would make George Orwell spin in his grave.

Who knows?  Maybe Orwell, forward-thinking as he was, would do no more than shrug and say “They’re Obama supporters.  What did you expect?

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