Jerky Illusions: Uncle Andy's Unfortunate URL

The website features delicious-looking high-quality jerky and a pint of dark beer.  Unfortunately, it also has a word illusion.  Uncle Andy’s Jerky is a craft jerky company based in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  The website features photos of high-quality ingredients and an appealing small-business model:

The vision for Uncle Andy’s Jerky was born late in the Fall of 2012 with a credit at a local hardware store. Never having been a fan of jerky, Andy used the store credit for a meat slicer and decided to try to make batch of his own.  Combining his favorite aspects of different jerky’s to create the first 4 flavors.  Inspired by the craft beer industry, Uncle Andy’s Jerky continued to experiment and evolve, exploring the possibilities of what jerky can be.

I learned about Uncle Andy’s Jerky because it was featured in the latest issue of Country Living.


Country Living graphic

Notice the URL.  Uncle Andy’s Jerky dot com.  Or is it?

A child looking at the magazine with me noticed it was actually Unclean D-Y-S Jerky.  That’s right, unclean jerky.

Holy bad website startup choices Batman, especially for a product like dried meat.  We couldn’t stop laughing.

I reached owner Andy Hanenburg by telephone to ask him about Unclean  “Yeah, we just never saw it,” he told me. He had clearly faced this question before.  Hanenburg was a good sport about the whole thing.  “Country Living even put in the wrong URL.  We have a dash now — its”  The email for the company still uses the old Unclean DYS domain.  “It’s just easier to say,” Hanenburg noted.

Children can see the hidden things.  Take the logo for FedEx…


When young children are asked what they see, many see an arrow.  Yep, an arrow.  See it right there between the “E” and “x”?

Children see unclean jerky and arrows where adults do not.

So if you’re looking for some craft jerky, be assured, Uncle Andy’s is clean.  They’ve added a dash of dashes.



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