There Is No War On Women

So says Richard Whitmire, author of Why Boys Fail: Saving Our Sons from an Educational System That’s Leaving Them Behindand Rishawn Biddle in an article in the New York Daily News:

We have no way of knowing who will win the “war on women” political debate now topping broadcasts and newspaper pages. But with great certainty, we can identify the losers in this battle: boys.

Contrary to what you hear in the political campaign broadsides, females are actually doing pretty well. In our elementary, middle and high schools, they earn the best grades, win most of the academic prizes, get suspended less and graduate at very high rates. That success helps explain why women currently dominate higher education, with many college campuses spilling over the 60% female threshold.

Workforce trends favoring women continue to rain down, with record numbers of women in the workforce. Well-educated women living in large cities out-earn their male counterparts. Their biggest challenge: finding equally educated males to marry.

But that’s not what you’ll hear from either President Obama or Mitt Romney.

It seems like there have been a number of these articles written lately about the real war on boys. This is a good sign. However, the problem is, no one, especially the politicians, is listening. As the legal and psychological landscapes for men and boys worsen, many are going on strike and the country will become worse off because of it. The problem is, pandering to the female vote and the needs of women takes precedence over the life, liberty and happiness of men. This is reverse discrimination, but equally as harmful.