What is the Equivalent of Abortion for Men?

I read with amusement the article entitled “Women are Facing Sexual McCarthyism” at Politico making the rounds in the blogosphere:

Guys, I’m thinking it’s hard for you to imagine what it’s like to have your most private decisions made for you. By women.

Let’s put it this way: Imagine that you need Viagra. Imagine that a law passed by an 80 percent female Legislature mandates that to obtain a prescription, you have to procure an affidavit from a sexual partner verifying that you are indeed incapable of an erection.

Or maybe, before obtaining a vasectomy, you have to undergo an ultrasound on your testicles — wherein a technician must apply gel and press a hand-held transducer on your private parts.


I have to laugh because over the past few weeks, I have been writing a chapter for my new book on the lack of reproductive rights for men. What the writer of this Politico article should be stating instead is:

“Girls, I’m thinking it’s hard for you to imagine what it’s like to have your most private decisions made for you. By men and women.”

Women have absolutely no concept or understanding of the lack of reproductive choices that the average guy has in this country. Maybe, if they came up for air from every once in a while from their narcissistic quest to turn the country into a female-centric one (congrats, it already is), they would have a bit of empathy for how the other half lives. But don’t count on it.

Imagine, if you will, that you are a 13-year-old boy and the 34-year old lady down the street decides to seduce you or the 25-year old babysitter pushes herself on you against your will or with your blessing–doesn’t matter. And she gets pregnant. What’s the outcome? You are stuck paying child support for at least 18 years. Don’t believe me, check out Professor Michael Higdon’s paper: Fatherhood by Conscription. In his research, he found that not one court let a kid off the hook, even if the woman committed a felony by having sex with a young boy. Imagine if a 13- year-old-girl was forced to have a baby by the courts against her will. All hell would break loose. But boys, no one cares. After all, they have no feelings or rights and most of all, no lobby.


Now imagine you are a guy who finds out that a baby you thought was yours is found through DNA evidence not to be. Think you off the hook for child support? Of course not, you will be using your body for the next 18 years to pay for that child. The law says so, and there is no one to look out for you and while you toil and spend your time paying for this betrayal, society will make sure you pay up. If you don’t you will go to jail against your will. There are up to 50,000 men on any given day in jail right now on child support arrears, the majority poor and destitute, but no one cares, only women matter.

I can go on and will go on when my book comes out but the main point I want to make is this: Women have reproductive choice, men essentially have none.

In a perfect world, there would be laws that would give men the reproductive equivalent of abortion. So, I ask readers, what would that be, if women have abortion, what should men get so that we don’t have sexual McCarthyism for men?

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