6 Reasons Why Rational Thinkers Choose to Believe in God

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1. Belief in God Is Logical. God’s Fingerprints Cover the Universe. It Is Irrational to Believe That the Universe Was Created Out of Nothingness.

Dear [Insert Name of Your Secularist Friend or Family Member Who Does Not Understand Why You No Longer Share Their Hatred of Traditional Religion Anymore],

It seems like our arguments on Facebook and over email have been increasing lately with all the horrific news stories. And again you continue to misunderstand why I approach the stories of the day from Kermit Gosnell to the Boston Bombers with a good and evil, Bible-based perspective.

One of the best places online you can go to better understand my approach to these issues is Prager University. Every month they release two five-minute courses designed to educate people in a quick, entertaining way about history, philosophy, religion, and politics. I discovered Prager University’s videos when I noticed that they decided to start featuring every new one at PJ Lifestyle, a publication that I enjoy reading which shares the same goals of reaching out and engaging with the culture at large instead of just preaching to the choir.

I’ve collected six of Prager University’s videos on God and religion, starting with their newest one above that they just released yesterday featuring Boston College philosophy professor Peter Kreeft answering the question “God or Atheism — Which is More Rational?” I hope if you want to understand better how it is that I’ve come to reject your ideology and returned to faith in the God of the Bible you would consider these videos along with these six points I’ve written in relation to them.

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2. If God Does Not Exist Then There Is No Objective Definition of Good and Evil. Everyone’s Subjective Feelings Of Good and Evil All Have the Same Level of Authority.

Why is it evil to murder infants? Why is Peter Singer wrong? I find no fault with Singer’s logic.

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3. If God Does Not Exist Then Man Is Just A Part of Nature, Of Equal Value to Anything Else. If God Does Not Exist Then Human Life Is Not Sacred.

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4. There Is Nothing That God Could Do to Prove His Existence Conclusively. It Is Simply a Matter of Weighing the Evidence For or Against and then Making a Leap of Faith. Rational People Make the Choice Which Is More Likely To Lead to a Happier, More Productive, More Meaningful Existence. Do you Worship an Infinite, Transcendent God or Do You Worship Nothingness? What Do You Worship?

Do you even know what it means to worship something? Would you be able to recognize the ideas you have made your gods if they were put in front of you?

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5. If God Does Not Exist Then Life Is Meaningless. What Difference Does It Make If You Live Like a Saint or a Criminal if In the End Your Consciousness Disappears Permanently And Eventually Everything You Ever Did Is Forgotten?

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6. If God Does Not Exist Then Freedom Is An Illusion. We’re Just the Pawns of Mother Nature, Programmed Like Robots. It is More Rational To Choose To Believe That God Has Created Man To Live Free Than Mother Nature Gave Birth To Us So We Could Live As Her Slaves.

I hope these thoughts and videos can illuminate better some of the key philosophical points that guide how Bible-based thinkers engage with the world. I look forward to our continued intellectual and philosophical engagements.


[Insert Your Name, Former Secularist Who Now Chooses to embrace the Judeo-Christian Value System and Worship God In The Religion Of Your Choosing.]


image courtesy shutterstock / LilKar