Marriage Death By a Thousand Paper Cuts

A first-rate comment leads the pack on Kathy Shaidle’s article today, How Women Ruin Romance By Talking Too Much:

1. Mitchell

My niece got married a few years ago and I attended the wedding. We live >2000 miles apart and have for many years so I can’t say I know her or the guy she married very well. Still, within brief time I visited with them I couldn’t help but notice a constant stream of snide & snarky little remarks from her directed at him. Oh, it was always “just teasing” of course. Still, there was the constant tide of snark. No subject could arise where she wasn’t getting a little dig in here or there; that sly little cut. He seemed to bear it well. Hey, they’re just jokes right? He was a good natured guy and liked by everyone. But I thought I could see his eyes get a bit tight from time to time. Nobody else seemed to notice though. The marriage was over in less than two years. A lot of people were surprised by the divorce. I wasn’t.

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