Mother of 6 Pursues 13th Surgery Toward Goal of Becoming 'Largest Breasted Woman in the World'

via Woman’s Quest for ‘World’s Biggest Breasts’ Could Leave 6 Children Motherless | The Stir:

Lacey Wildd (Paula Simonds), a mother of six and “Glamour model” (whatever the hell that means), has decided to undergo her lucky number 13 cosmetic surgery procedure to augment her already size L-cup breasts up to a whopping size MMM-cup. She says she won’t stop getting breast augmentations until she is the largest breasted woman in the world.

Think of her as the Godzilla of tits, if you will; causing mayhem and destruction everywhere she goes. Fans mob the Miami mom every time she hits the beach in a bikini, even when her kids are with her. Can you imagine being a teenager and walking around with your mom who purposely tries to look like a Barbie balloon in the Macy’s Day parade?


Perhaps this subject can generate more light than heat after last weekend’s arguments on girls vs women and boys vs men.

Here’s a few questions for the men: are women with breast implants as attractive as women who stay natural? Is there a threshold of an acceptable size that once crossed moves a woman from “sexy” to “carnival sideshow”? Should we as men encourage breast implants if our wives or girlfriends wish they had larger breasts? Or are small breasts just as attractive?

And for the women: what do you think of women who get breast augmentations? Is it a sign that a woman is trying to fit into some stereotypical male fantasy — that she’s objectifying herself — or is it an acceptable, uncontroversial cosmetic treatment no different from teeth whitening or a new hair style?

In John Waters’s A Dirty Shame Selma Blair turned heads as Ursula Udders:


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