Richard Dreyfuss: Trump a 'Mean-Spirited, Lying Bully'

Some actors speak in sound bites, the kind indistinguishable from their well-coiffed peers.

Not Richard Dreyfuss.

The Oscar winner lets loose when presented with a media opportunity. The liberal star also will listen to opposing viewpoints, far more than many of his peers. That gives him an advantage when it comes to political debates.

He made headlines last year for attending a Ted Cruz event. He simply wanted to hear the man speak and absorb his opinions without any media filter. That’s commendable, even if he got roasted in some quarters for it.

The “Jaws” star also is behind the Dreyfuss Civics Initiative. The nonprofit “aims to revive the teaching of civics in American public education to empower future generations with the critical-thinking skills they need to fulfill the vast potential of American citizenship.”

That’s a goal everyone can applaud.

Now, at 68, the actor is letting loose on God, America and Donald Trump. And not necessarily in that order.

Let’s start with Trump, the GOP presidential candidate who just wrapped a convention which appears to have put him in the lead (for now).

Hollywood is almost uniformly aghast at Trump’s presidential run. They keep comparing him to Hitler, and those broadsides likely won’t stop until Election Day.

Dreyfuss isn’t a fan, either. In an interview with The Guardian, he does brings a fresh analogy to his condemnation of the reality show star. The actor compares him to a suitor asking to marry your daughter. If he’s not good enough for your daughter, why would you trust him to run the country?:

If a man like that asked you for permission to marry your daughter, what would your answer be? If it’s no, I think it’s obvious we shouldn’t give him the most powerful office on the face of the Earth.

The actor dubs Trump an “intemperate, mean-spirited, lying bully.”

He’s just as angry at the Man Upstairs, to be fair. The veteran actor says he’d like to hit God in the face once he leaves this mortal coil. Why?

” … he deserves it because of everything that happens to you in the third act of life: it’s humiliating and debasing.”

And then there’s Dreyfuss’ home country. He loves America, but if he would list his relationship with the USA on Facebook it would be “Complicated.”

“I hate that we’ve been so denied any real knowledge of the world and don’t have the education to think clearly, so we vote against our economic interest and beliefs,” he said.

Of course, that’s a condemnation of our current public education system as well as the media, two arenas controlled by the Left.

Will Dreyfuss make the connection? Heck, just the fact that he’ll listen to a Cruz speech is already more than we can expect from most liberal stars. Let’s not hold our breath that he’ll make those connections, too.

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