5 Canciones de la Música Latina to Get Your Weekend Going

There’s an amazing fat-burning, curve-sculpting exercise that doesn’t require a gym membership, doesn’t require annoying workout videos and can be done anytime in any weather: simply turning on the radio, iPod or on-demand music channel and shaking what God gave you to the sounds of salsa and merengue. Here are a few favorites I’ve got bookmarked that call you to dance no matter how much you try to resist.

“Bailando” — Enrique Iglesias featuring Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona

I’m of the opinion that Spanish-languge originals translated into English for an international market just aren’t as good as the Español version. I feel that way in general about Enrique Iglesias. “Bailando” — or “Dancing” — is a tribute to just that, sultry and upbeat at the same time. The video, shot in the Dominican Republic, also blends flamenco and sweet soccer skills in a most awesome way.

“Todo Es Mentira” — Frankie Negron

The crop of modern-day salsa talent is all-American, too. New Jersey native Frankie Negron, 37, has Puerto Rican roots, a lengthy discography and a father who taught him to appreciate the art of salsa.

“Conmigo Te Vas” — Grupo Manía

You simply can’t go wrong with Puerto Rican merengue masters Grupo Manía. The group has been around, in slightly different incarnations as lineups come and go, since 1993. This extremely catchy song is off their 2013 album Poderoso.

“De Que Me Vale” – Gaitanes featuring Willie Colón

Panamanian brothers Ricardo and Alberto Gaitan do it all — singing, songwriting, producing. Here they collaborate with legendary New York salsa trombonist Willie Colón.

“Como Baila Mi Morena” — Grupo Manía

Yes, there are other artists and songs I could pick instead of going back to the Puerto Ricans, but Grupo Manía is just that good. The increased tempo in the second half of the song will really get you going. ¡Bailando feliz!