9 Couple Costumes That Are Just the Worst

Everyone expects a bit of creativity with Halloween costumes. When you do a costume as a couple the opportunities for great and clever costumes are almost endless. I say “almost” because sometimes … well, let’s just say they turn out to be bad ideas. This list is a perfect example of terrible couple costumes.

9. Boobs

Really? I mean, realllly? Unless this is for Breast Cancer Awareness, just don’t.

8. Gender-Swapped Han Solo and Leia

gender swapped han and leia

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My childhood is ruined by a hairy, bikini-clad Leia.

7. Donald “Wall Building” Trump and Sexy Ken Bone

bone and trump

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Political statement? Yes. Nightmares? Guaranteed.

6. Centaurs…I think?


I know there are a lot of questions here…but how do the back legs work?

5. Adult Babies

adult babies


I’m not sure this deserves a comment.

4. USB Port



Taking an inanimate office object and making it NSFW.

3. Harambe and Angel


I can’t…but you get the picture.

2. Whatever this is:

not sure what this is

via The Invisible Agent

Seriously!? What is this?

1. Before and after Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner:

Before and After Bruce



Yup, quite an array of strange, offensive, awkward, and downright weird Halloween costumes. Comment if you have other couple costumes that should have been on the list.


For those who think this is an appropriate “couple’s” costume:



Shame on you.