Beware the Lizard Man During Eclipse, South Carolina Authorities Warn

I have good news and bad news for South Carolinians who want to enjoy the 2017 solar eclipse: The good news is that most of the state will have an incredible view of this rare cosmic event. But the South Carolina Emergency Management Division warns of “possible paranormal activity” and the threat of “Lizardmen” due to the eclipse.

The emergency service posted the warning to Twitter, which includes a map of Lee and Sumter counties, where reports of Lizardman sightings have been reported since a particularly scary encounter from 1988.

In 1988, seventeen-year-old Christopher Davis was driving around the Scrape Ore Swamp area at around two in the morning, when he got a flat tire. As soon as David had finished swapping out the popped tire, he noticed a creature with red glowing eyes staring him down from about 30 yards away. The teen barely got into his car and locked the doors, before the reptilian monster lunged onto the roof, and Davis managed to throw the Lizardman off by swerving the car back and forth. But the monster still managed to keep up with the vehicle at speeds of 40 miles per hour before he managed to escape the creature that fateful night…

There have been various sightings of the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp from 1988 to 2015, including reports of mauled cars and three-toed dinosaur-like tracks left in the muck. The Pacific Northwest has Sasquatch, West Virginia has Mothman, Florida has the Skunk Ape, and South Carolina has its Lizard Men.

Just to be safe, if you encounter a Lizard Man while taking in the solar eclipse due to the increased possibility of paranormal activity, try to stay calm, get out of the area, and report the incident to local law enforcement — if you see something, say something!