The Morning Briefing: A Thank You Note to DOCTOR Mama Jill Biden for Being an Idiot

The Morning Briefing: A Thank You Note to DOCTOR Mama Jill Biden for Being an Idiot
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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Ted rejected his therapist’s insistence that his basement full of Urkel memorabilia was an impediment to finding happiness in a relationship.


To begin with, I would like to encourage everyone to read Megan’s update on the story she’s been writing about and follow that up with Paula’s deep dive on why work like this is important. They both handle it better than any synopsis I’d give you here.

One of the more remarkable things that we’ve witnessed in American politics in recent years is the shift in party preference among Latino voters, a constituency that the Democrats long took for granted.

From Kevin’s latest:

If you think the line of Hispanic people crossing the southern border is huge, you should see the mob of Latino voters leaving the Democrat party. Speaking of which, Latino voters do not like open borders.

We haven’t seen an exodus like this since Moses. It’s so bad that even the Washington Post had to mention it. Latino voters in parts of Texas shifted 30% for Trump in 2020. Mayra Flores (R-Texas), the first Mexican-born congresswoman in history, won a district that had voted blue for over 100 years.

As I mentioned, Latinos are not cool with the notion that woke, white saviors sit around coming up with new names for brown people. They aren’t happy with liberals castrating their language, literally. Nor are they down with the Democrats’ suck-uppery, which rolls around like clockwork a few months before every election day.

It was Trump who got Latino voters moving rightward. He did it despite the low-functioning hacks in the mainstream media relentlessly calling him a RAAAAAAACIST for his insistence that bad people were getting in from Mexico across our open borders. To add insult to the Democrat panderers’ injury, my colleague Karen Townsend wrote at our sister site HotAir that the Associated Press recently admitted that Trump had a better relationship with the president of Mexico than President LOLEightyonemillion does.


That’s gonna leave a mark.

I said in yesterday’s Briefing that the Dems seem like they’re going to help with the heavy lifting to get Biden out of office. In keeping with that theme, Mrs. DOCTOR Mama Jill Biden did her level best to send any fence-sitting Latinos permanently over to the GOP.

Over at Townhall, Larry wrote about Mrs. B’s gaffes and the desperate attempt by the various Hispanic groups who want to go down with the Titanic to cover for her.

Here’s Larry on the gaffes:

This week, Dr. Jill Biden (yes, she’s a doctor, but not that kind of doctor… don’t go having a medical emergency around her, or you’ll be deader than a doornail) said that Americans of Latin descent were “as unique as the breakfast tacos in San Antonio.”

To make matters worse, during the same sentence, she also said the Hispanic community was “as distinct as the bodegas of the Bronx” while mispronouncing the word “boDEgas” as “BOgedas.”

White liberals continually do things like this because they truly are patronizing racists. They don’t see Hispanic voters as people, they view them as an amorphous blob that is supposed to move as it’s told to come election time.

Much has been made in the fawning media about Jill Biden’s career as a teacher. The fact that this idiot woman has had access to young minds in America is truly frightening.


Thankfully, she and her husband have not handled their star turn in the White House well at all. The more that the two of them go out in public and embarrass the nation, the quicker they’ll be gone.

Kudos to you, DOCTOR Mama Jill for being the attention junkie that you are, even though you have the people skills of a diarrhetic hyena.


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