[UPDATED WITH ANOTHER CLIP!] VIDEO: Biden Getting Lost and Confused Leaving Air Force One (Really)

(Screencap via Twitter.)

It’s only a very short clip of Presidentish Joe Biden getting lost and confused after exiting Air Force One in Israel today, but it reveals so much.

The video hasn’t broken widely yet, so some might doubt its authenticity.


I did at first, too.

But Biden is clearly wearing the same suit and tie seen in “legit” news stories seen today, and the announcer to my ears sounds Israeli.

Also, I don’t see any of the weird motion artifacts you usually see in deep fake videos, like that doctored video supposedly showing Biden putting a Medal of Honor recipient’s medal on backward.

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Here’s the clip; judge for yourself if it’s fake or he’s increasingly senile:

“What am I doing now?” Biden asks before being guided — first visually and then with a physical prompt — to his place on the red carpet.


“YOU. WALK. ON. THE. RED. CARPET.” I wanted to shout at my computer screen.

This guy holds the nuclear codes, or at least presumably does, and he has to be reminded to walk down the middle of the carpet laid down just for his arrival.

It would be sad if it weren’t so frightening.

UPDATE: Yikes. It isn’t just real; it’s worse than we first thought.

I got nothin’.


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