The Morning Briefing: The Mask/Vaccine Nazis Hate Families of Kids Who Have Cancer

The Morning Briefing: The Mask/Vaccine Nazis Hate Families of Kids Who Have Cancer
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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. It’s perfectly normal to eschew kilts while eating cottage cheese.

Just curious: Have any of you had to show your papers yet?


It’s not unusual for me to go to absurd lengths to make a point. In fact, it’s a preferred method of communication for me.

Times are tough out there for those of us trying to make a living telling the truth about the Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu. The low-functioning intellects who run social media are terrified of the truth. They continue to punish anyone telling the truth about the pandemic.

The truth makes them look really, really bad.


In a move that denies science and embraces wickedness, a Ronald McDonald House (RMH) facility in Canada is booting everyone over five years old who isn’t vaccinated, including families of kids with leukemia.

Yeah. that’s where we are.

Sure, it’s Canada, but we know that American leftists take a lot of cues from our commie neighbors to the north. It’s not a stretch to think that a policy like this will drift southward to a Che-loving state like New York.

It’s almost guaranteed.

A sane society protects its most vulnerable citizens, especially the children.

Sadly, modern-day liberals are not at all sane. People who champion the killing of babies in the womb can’t be expected to care about the ones who survive their abortion gauntlet.

The derision we heap upon the mask/vax Nazis is never enough. They are ruining an entire generation of American children. They’re using kids who have cancer as political pawns.


They need to be destroyed.


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