Kruiser's 'Worst Week Ever'—November 2022 Is a Thousand Years Away

Kruiser's 'Worst Week Ever'—November 2022 Is a Thousand Years Away
(Image: mintchipdesigns via Pixabay)

We often lament the seemingly rapid passage of time, especially as we get older. Our kids grow up too fast. Vacations are over too quickly. All the good stuff is a blur.


Joe Biden’s kinda/sorta presidency is not flying by, however. I am writing this on September 20, 2021, a mere seven months since Ol’ Gropes was sworn into office.

Seven months that feel like seven years.

Conservatives in America have spent most of 2021 looking ahead to late 2022 and the midterm elections that should, if historical patterns hold, be a good bounce-back for us. Election Day 2022 is more than 14 months away, or twice as long as Biden has been in office. This presidency is such a train wreck that it sometimes seems as if November 8, 2022, is moving away from us on the calendar.

The original question when looking to next year’s midterms was how many seats the Republicans would win back in the House of Representatives. Now the more pressing issue is whether the United States will still be intact by November of 2022.

I am not one given to thinking everything is an existential crisis, but I’m getting a little worried. Biden and his puppet masters approach every issue with a leftist wrecking ball. By the time they’re done, the detritus is spread about the globe. There are so many pieces to pick up one gets exhausted halfway through cleaning up the mess.

The real problem is that Biden isn’t even aware that he is destroying the Republic. I was no fan of his before he entered the throes of age-related dementia, but I’m pretty sure that the old Biden wouldn’t have been on board with what’s going on in his name now. The commie wing of the Democratic Party that runs his thought process is fine with being guilty of elder abuse to get what they need.

Thankfully, the Democrats couldn’t cheat enough to pick up seats in the House last year. Their “majority” in Congress is slimmer than an Olsen twin after a three-day juice cleanse. If Republicans can play procedural games well they should be able to keep the Dems from doing too much legislative damage.

If, however, Joe Biden’s handlers keep being busy with executive actions, November 2022 is going to keep running away from us.