The Morning Briefing: Olympic Gymnasts Reveal That Comey's Trump-Hating FBI Was OK With Child Rape

The Morning Briefing: Olympic Gymnasts Reveal That Comey's Trump-Hating FBI Was OK With Child Rape
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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. You will always look ridiculous in a hoop skirt.

This is one of the rare times that I am leading off with something I wrote. It’s necessary though, and I’m sure you will all agree with me.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has become an unhinged, unchecked state police service that needs to be reined in and overhauled. In recent times, this was an opinion one found only on the right.

It should be a bipartisan issue now.

All the while it was crafting a hoax about Russian collusion that was designed to destroy the president of the United States, the FBI was deliberately covering for a serial rapist of little girls.


McKayla Maroney’s testimony (video below) was particularly graphic and brutal. She not only detailed the horrors Nassar visited upon her, but she also went over the insanely tone-deaf questioning that she had to endure at the hands of the FBI. “They asked if he used gloves, I said no.” As if that would have made things better. “They asked if this treatment ever helped me.” A warning for those who watch the video: the questions above begin at the 2:32 mark,  the two statements prior to that are even more graphic and awful. Her remarks are exceedingly damning.

Nassar was raping Maroney when she was 15 years old. Just when you think that the story can’t possibly get any worse, Maroney reveals that the FBI falsified her report.

The timeline of the accusations against the monster Nassar overlaps with the timeline of the FBI’s Russia collusion jihad against President Trump. The Bureau has become so politicized that it prioritized the destruction of the president over protecting little girls who were being raped.

The FBI victim-shamed the young women who came to the Bureau hoping that sharing the horror they’d endured would make it stop.


Tragically, the bureaucratic scum they sought out decided to continue enabling Nassar. It had other marching orders from the Democratic National Committee, after all.

Every FBI agent who came anywhere near this case and participated in the cover-up needs to spend the rest of his or her life in prison.

You know, a place where even the worst people know that harming children is wrong.

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