Kruiser's (Almost) Daily Distraction: Finally Feeling Good About Being a Hermit Again

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Sweet, Sweet Isolation

It’s finally happened: everything is so free and open around me that I don’t want to go anywhere these days. Yeah, hermit time is back!


One of the more personally interesting aspects of all of the madness last year was that I was overwhelmed by the urge to leave my house whenever any government official told me that I couldn’t. I like being alone. My quality time with myself is greatly treasured. I can flip a switch and be the most gregarious guy in the room if need be but I generally only prefer to do that if there is some sort of compensation involved or an open bar, preferably both.

A Los Angeles friend of mine called me after I’d been back in Tucson a little over a year to tell me that she was worried that I was getting a little too isolated. She’s super introverted herself, so I knew I must have been off of everyone’s radar for too long.

Social media has created a situation that’s made people used to having me “around.” I became a big fan of social media because I could keep in touch with friends, family, and my audience without ever having to put pants on. Social media and I were made for each other.

Lately, however, I find myself not even wanting to keep in touch that way. I’m not one of those guys who thinks all social media is toxic now, I just feel like checking out every once in a awhile. People notice if I do that though. I went way underground for a few days recently and a friend called to see if I was alive. I was so withdrawn that I wasn’t sure of the answer at first.

I dream lately of taking an extended hiatus from social media, which is impossible for me. Whether I’m writing or performing, my job requires that I entertain an audience and social media is an integral part of my branding here in the 21st century. I won’t complain but I will continue to dream.

Those dreams will not involve any pants, so they’ll be happy ones.

I’ve been out of the house enough this year. The neighbors all know what I look like now and they’re not afraid of me anymore. OK, maybe the hippies across the street are still a little afraid.

It’s thrilling to not have to succumb to reverse psychology and finally get back to my very solitary existence. I have books to write and read. I’ve got video games to play. I’ve even begun listening to true crime podcasts during my few free moments during the day. I’m presently enjoying The Case on Barstool Sports.

And I still get to spend some time with all of you here behind the paywall every week. It’s fun and we don’t have to smell each other.

You have no idea how grateful you should be for that today.