Weakling Squish Romney Pimps the Democrats' COVID-19 Lies

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Mitt Romney Is a Political Cancer in the Republican Party

Make it go away.

Mittens McMullin Ocasio-Romney-Cortez is at it again. This Trump-hating blight on the Republican Party is back for another one of his “Aren’t I just the prettiest girl in the room?” eye-batting attention grabs in front of the mainstream media.


Republican Sen. Mitt Romney on Thursday blasted President Donald Trump’s leadership — or lack thereof — during the deadly coronavirus pandemic as “a great human tragedy.”

“Well, this hasn’t been the focus of his rhetoric, apparently, and I think it’s a great human tragedy, without question,” Romney told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room” when asked where Trump’s leadership is as the President focuses on other issues amid the worsening pandemic.

“The extraordinary loss of life is heartbreaking — and in some respects unnecessary. Not all respects, but we’ve relaxed our standards as individuals,” added Romney, who represents Utah. “Some states haven’t had mask mandates, and from Washington we have not had a constant, consistent plan and plea for people to wear masks, to social-distance, to take all the measures that would reduce the spread of this disease.”

Since this was a CNN appearance, Romney’s horrible hot-take here pretty much translates to: “Won’t you please, PLEASE like me?” What’s most pathetic about it is that this could have been scripted by the Democratic National Committee. Had Willard said this before November 3rd it would have been an in-kind contribution to the Biden campaign.

Not only are his idiotic remarks a stab in the president’s back, they’re wrong, too. The loss of life is indeed heartbreaking, but the notion that there would be less of it if there had been more finger-wagging from Washington is remarkably stupid. It’s a highly contagious virus that’s affecting the entire planet. The “But if Trump had just done something different…” pitch is nonsensical.

Throw in the fact that the biggest COVID body count in any state happened on a Democrat’s watch and the hot-take gets colder by the moment. Remember that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was routinely praised as being the “anti-Trump” when he was sending the elderly population of his state off to their deaths in nursing homes.

Romney knows that he’s full of crap. He just wanted to get a “good boy” pat on the head from Wolf Blitzer.

The Republican Party always has one of these thorns in its side. John McCain played the role of Media’s Favorite Republican (MFR) for most of the 21st century, of course. After his passing, McCain’s “Mini Me” Jeff Flake filled his shoes until the good people of my native Arizona unceremoniously showed him the door. The position was vacant for a year but Mittens wasted no time in claiming it once he was sworn into the Senate.

To be the MFR one simply needs to badmouth another Republican on camera, on the radio, or in print. Just be crappy to someone who is expecting your support because you are supposed to be on the same team and the media will love you. It’s been rather remarkable how quickly Romney has become comfortable with public betrayal.

For the longest time, Romney was known as a gentleman and a nice guy.

Gentlemen in Congress don’t kneecap the members of their own party with gleeful abandon.

Mitt Romney is not a good man. He’s a self-serving attention you-know-what who will sell out anyone to get just a little bit of praise from The New York Times or CNN. He can’t be trusted at all.

Unless of course you’re a reporter who needs to do a quick hit piece on the Republicans.

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