Republicans Need to Win Both GA Runoffs for Senate Majority That's Outside the Margin of Romney

Republicans Need to Win Both GA Runoffs for Senate Majority That's Outside the Margin of Romney
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GOP Needs to Make Senate Romney-Proof

Welcome to another chapter of the dystopian nightmare book: The Never-Ending Election.

Today’s story comes from the great state of Georgia, where, as Tyler wrote yesterday, all eyes have turned:

If Biden wins the presidency — giving Democrats a tie-breaker with Vice President Kamala Harris as the president of the Senate — Republicans just need to hold on to one seat in Georgia’s runoff elections in order to hold the majority.

That, of course, is mathematically true. The thing with thin Republican Senate majorities, however, is that they’re always vulnerable to one turncoat Republican (RIP, John McCain) who is more concerned with getting some kind words from The New York Times than in helping his or her own party. These days, the Senate Republicans’ number one turncoat threat is none other than one Mittens “Impeachment” Romney.

Sure, Romney has stuck with his party through most votes thus far. He obviously relished his backstabber role during impeachment though. Romney, as I’ve been saying for a very long time, is not the “decent” man that even his detractors like to say he is. He’s a straight-up political opportunist and attention you-know-what.

Romney is embracing his role as “the Republican about whom Democrats say nice things.” He made a big deal out of letting the press know that he didn’t vote for President Trump. A “decent” elected Republican official would have avoided the conversation altogether.

There is every reason to believe that Romney is only going to get worse. In the Democratic telling of the fairy tale, Romney is only out of sync with the “Trump Republicans.” The theory is that there will be peace in the valley once Trump is gone and Mitt will then be every Republican’s bestie.

However, as I wrote in a recent VIP column, this is very much Trump’s GOP and is going to be so for a while. Once that becomes clear to Romney — who isn’t exactly a political visionary — he’s going to start acting out even worse. This is speculation on my part, but it’s speculation based on decades of experience. I’ve been watching this turncoat Republican senator drama play out for almost forty years. There are minor changes in the script — like whether the GOP is in the majority or minority — and the actors change but it’s a rather painfully formulaic story.

Given the likelihood that Mittens will roll over for the Dems like he’s always done, it’s imperative that the Republicans win both runoff elections for the Senate in the Peach State.

There were rumors earlier in the week that Romney may end up with a role in the Biden administration, which would be an absolute godsend for the Republicans. That way they could get him out of the Senate nice and early and have him replaced by a Republican from Utah who is almost certain to be more loyal to the party. Alas, Romney has since said that this idea is a no-go.

So yes, let us concentrate our efforts and money on the Georgia runoff elections. If the GOP is facing a 51-49 majority, there is a very real possibility that Romney becomes the clincher for the Green New Deal or any other socialist hell that the Harris-Biden administration tries to throw at us.

I have spoken.

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