Admitting That Dems Stole the Election Is the Opposite of Giving Up on Trump

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Let’s Leave the Overwrought Hysterics to the Left, Shall We? 

I do often like to keep things a little lighter and breezier here on the VIP side of things but every once in a while we need to go deep. We have been bonding in this first year of VIP and I feel that I can vent to you fine people.

There has been something going on since the election that has been really chapping my hide, as they used to say.

It’s been, as I like to call it, a one-note news cycle since the early hours of November 4th. Everything has been about the election results, obviously, with only slight variations on a theme from day to day. In the twenty-one days since Election Day, I have written twenty-five posts and columns directly related to the election. The others all had references to it. Throughout that time I have reiterated ad nauseam that I support President Trump’s fight to expose all of the corruption. I have done so in quite plain English.

However, if I so much as hint that I believe that the Democrats can get away with stealing this election, I am accused of “giving up” on the president.

Because we’re all friends here I would like to be honest and say that that hot-take is a stable-full of fly-covered horse crap.


Put simply, it is possible to both believe that the Democrats could get away with stealing this election AND be fully supportive of President Trump. In fact, taking the latter position without acknowledging the former is rather naïve and makes the likelihood that they could do it again even greater.

I have been at this for a very long time, as most of you know. I’ve been a conservative Republican activist for thirty-six years. One thing I learned early on is that the Democrats will cheat whenever they can. They are practiced at it and they are good at it.

I have no doubt that — absent the pandemic — the president’s legal team was well-prepped to deal with whatever the Democrats might try. The on-the-fly changes to mail-in rules gave the Dems cover to get away with even more though. Big Tech and the thoroughly corrupt mainstream media did the rest of the work for Drooling Joe.

There is a lot for Trump to overcome and there’s nothing wrong with prepping for the worst.

Anybody who has read more than three sentences of what I’ve written here in the past year knows that I am an avowed Trump supporter. I’m an opinion guy, not a journalist, so I get to write that often, and I have. It is absolutely asinine to assert that I’m giving up or going to the other side.

Earlier today on MeWe someone responded to my Morning Briefing — where I was merely expanding upon something that Rush Limbaugh had said — by saying “PJ Media appears to be switching sides. I guess if Drudge can do it, anyone can.”

I replied by saying, “This is not a reality-based observation.”

I was being kind. Expect that not to last long.

You wanna know what real conservatives who are in it for the long haul do? They avoid hysterical, purely emotional responses. That’s a lefty thing.

So, I’m going to do what I do best: prepare for all eventualities, day drink, and not act like a pants-wetting lib.

You’re all invited.

Admitting that the Dems are accomplished election thieves isn’t giving up on Trump. In fact, it’s getting to work earlier on him making a comeback, which I already wrote that I would LOVE to see.

If you’re all mad at me now it’s cool. It’s a couple of days before Thanksgiving, so that’ll just feel like I’m spending it with my family.


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