Looks Like Biden Will End Up Being a Better Gun Salesman Than Obama

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Fears of a Biden Administration Could Cap a Banner Year for Gun Sales

It’s an exhortation one reads and hears a lot on the Right: Buy guns. Buy ammo.

It really can’t be repeated enough, especially whenever a gun-grabbing Democratic administration is heading into the White House. I know we’re all supposed to be hoping for a Trump miracle but I think it’s best to look ahead and prepare for the increasingly likely outcome.

My friend and colleague Cam Edwards has been busy writing about about booming gun sales at our sister site Bearing Arms for months now. Even the hint of a Biden election has been a massive driver of sales.

As it looks more and more like Biden’s husk and his puppeteers will be bringing their New Soviet government to the Executive branch, Cam has turned his attention to what kind of looming horrors that might bring to fans of the Second Amendment:

It’s going to be a busy couple of years for Second Amendment groups, as they not only take on gun control activists in state legislatures and Congress, but do battle in defense of our right to keep and bear arms in courtrooms across the country. On today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. Adam Kraut, the Firearms Policy Coalition’s director of legal strategy, joins me to talk about some of the gun rights cases making their way through the courts, as well as what he anticipates will be the biggest threats in a potential Biden administration.

Kraut says that he’s gearing up for the ATF to launch a regulatory assault on pistol braces and 80% receivers and frames if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn in as president and vice-president in January, acknowledging reports that members of the Biden transition team have already begun talking with officials at the agency even before the Electoral College has cast its votes.

If the Republicans can keep a majority in the Senate, Biden is going to be an executive-action and regulatory nightmare. I mean, he will be those things anyway, but it’s going to be much, much worse if he can’t accomplish anything via legislation.

Now there is speculation that the specter of a president who is an avowed Second Amendment hater could turn this into a record year for gun sales.

CNN Business:

New York (CNN Business)Joe Biden’s projected White House win could boost gun sales in what has already been a landmark year for gun makers.
“The election of a Democratic president who has promised to tighten gun control legislation could very well prompt increased demand for firearms,” says Rommel Dionisio, managing director of Aegis Capital.
Biden has long been vocal on the issue of gun control. The former vice president has said gun manufacturers are “the enemy” of the Democratic party’s gun control efforts. His campaign website calls for a ban on manufacturing and future sales of assault weapons like the AR-15, a position he has maintained since a string of high-profile mass shootings in 2019.
Dionisio says gun owners’ fears of Democrats passing gun control legislation fuels a predictable surge in sales before and after elections.

The article goes on to explain how good the Obama years were for gun sales. Gun owners used to joke that The Lightbringer was the best gun salesman in America. Biden may end up making his old boss look like a slacker in that department.

Things are very different now than they were in the Obama years. Joe Biden doesn’t actually exist anymore. He’s a drooling, addled shell of a man who will be controlled by a variety of progressive interests. He also represents a Democratic party that spent the last several months leading up to the election threatening vengeance and retribution on Republicans should they regain power.

As of yet, they haven’t regained enough of it.

We should prepare as if they might, however.

Buy guns. Buy ammo.


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