The Morning Briefing: Seattle's Anti-Cop Fever Forces Police Chief Best Out After 28 Years

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren
SPD Chief Best Has Finally Had Enough

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing readers.

Seattle’s Summer of Love is certainly having a rough go of it. Not long after Seattle’s insane city council put the wheels in motion to defund and practically dismantle its police department, news began to leak that Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best had tendered her resignation. Best, who is Seattle’s first black female chief, has been the lone adult in the room during the roiling “protests” in the Emerald City.

Best has been at odds with the city council ever since the unrest began, trying to do her job while being actively opposed by the powers that be in Seattle.

Last month, after the council kneecapped Best’s police by banning the use of what they would need to defend themselves in the face of violent rioters, Best sent a letter to business owners in downtown telling them that the cops wouldn’t be able to help them deal with the large, unruly mob.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan — who has at times seemed like a blithering idiot — did seem to have a good working relationship with Chief Best and appeared to be somewhat sensitive to Best’s concerns.

The council, however, remained clueless and implacable. How clueless? From Victoria’s post:

Fox News reported that the vote to begin defunding the police came with one “nay” vote, that of commie Kshama Sawant, who said the plans didn’t go far enough to destroy the cop shop,  so she was out.

That’s right, the leftist loons weren’t far enough left for one of them.

 (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

The struggle with the lawless hordes has been more than professional for Best. It became personal last month when her home was targeted by some unhinged “protesters.” The house was defended by Best’s neighbors.

It wouldn’t be terribly surprising if Chief Best is just the first of many high-ranking members of law enforcement in the liberal hellholes to decide that enough is enough and retire. It’s been a war on law enforcement ever since Barack Obama repeatedly threw cops under the bus any chance that he got. The escalation of the hatred we’ve seen in recent months is really Obama’s legacy.

A Biden presidency will be a nightmare for cops, and Carmen Best probably knows that in her heart. Just last weekend, Biden was on Twitter dredging up the liberal lie about Michael Brown and Ferguson, smearing cops as racists.

Carmen Best saw the writing on the liberal wall and the Seattle City Council isn’t the only cop-hating progressive clown show in charge of a city. This selling out of law enforcement is already playing out in New York, Minneapolis, and other places. Why would good cops continue to risk their lives for imbeciles who take their cues from snot-nosed brats?

 (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Chief Best’s interim successor will be dealing with the same nightmare that she did. One wonders how long he’ll stick around. One thing is certain, the Seattle City Council won’t learn any lessons from her departure.

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