The Morning Briefing: Dems Are Suddenly Fans of Due Process Now That Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep Has Been Accused

Scarlett Willa Wyden, the daughter of Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), looks at Vice President Joe Biden during a mock swearing-in ceremony in the Old Senate Chamber on Capitol Hill on Jan. 3, 2017. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

We’re Pretending THIS Guy Isn’t a Creeper?

One extraordinarily positive byproduct of the coronavirus lockdown is the fact that Der Bidengaffer and Grandpa Stalin have suspended their debates and campaigns, sparing us all from dreary election nonsense.

There has been one significant bit of news that has been mostly ignored by the mainstream media: a credible sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden.

Ever since Brett Kavanaugh was falsely accused of sexual assault in 2018, the Third-Wave Feminist Shrieking Harridan Brigade has been telling us we must “believe all women” who level any charges. Due process be damned, all men are guilty, and that’s that.

Until the Biden thing.

The same media types who have been leading the #MeToo finger-wagging for a couple of years have now adopted an “ignore this woman” approach. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that they would circle the wagons for the presumptive Democratic nominee. They spent decades worshipping Teddy Kennedy after he killed a woman, after all.

To the chagrin of leftists everywhere, the story isn’t going away. Biden supporter and professional blabbermouth has-been Alyssa Milano was recently forced to explain why she wasn’t taking a “believe all women” stance and, whaddya know, she’s suddenly a fan of due process!

“Due process,” huh? “Lack of evidence,” is it? We shouldn’t “destroy lives” unless “an accusation is credible,” eh? Well, that’s new! None of that mattered when she had a chance to ruin a Republican.

Alyssa Milano’s defense of Biden is exactly what Republicans said about Kavanaugh, the man she helped try to destroy a mere 19 months ago. But that can’t be right, can it? She couldn’t be that much of a clueless hypocrite, could she? Just look how pretty she is!

One merely has to look at Biden’s history of creepy public touching to find any allegation against him worth looking into. But he gets a pass because he’s a Dem and they’re desperate to pretend he’s not all of the things that those of us who are sane can plainly see that he is: a drooling moron and a full-on creeper.

The double standard here is wearisome, and just another item on the very long list of why the media can’t be trusted.

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