The Morning Briefing: LOL We're All Gonna Die, Coronavirus Edition

The Morning Briefing: LOL We're All Gonna Die, Coronavirus Edition
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Things certainly got interesting on Saturday afternoon for those of us who had attended CPAC the week before. My phone started blowing up a little after 3 p.m. MST with the news that we’d had a coronavirus Patient Zero at the conference. During that frenzy of texts and calls that followed for the next half hour or so, many of us went from joking about self-quarantine to taking the idea rather seriously. It was a rather surreal way to spend a beautiful weekend day, talking about a plague that, frankly, many of us hadn’t paid that much attention to until then.


People get sick at CPAC every year. It’s called the “CPAC Plague.” Twenty thousand people milling about in recycled air for four days isn’t the healthiest environment. It was inevitable that the virus du jour would make a successful appearance at the event.

Honestly, I didn’t even know what the symptoms were until Saturday. One of the reasons that I haven’t been reading about it is that — as I am sure my astute readers are aware — the news about coronavirus is a hot mess and sort of all over the place.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — the institution tasked with providing information and being the voice of reason during outbreaks — has been a little coy thus far.

The media is stuck in a permanent state of awful on any subject that requires President Trump’s input, and they’ve certainly lived down to their reputation with this story. In fact, the CPAC coronavirus angle provided new opportunities for them to be awful:

I’m sure Kaczynski thinks he made a point there when he actually didn’t come within a mile of one. The fact that there was a confirmed case at CPAC and that many of us are going the self-quarantine route doesn’t change the fact that the way the media and the Dems (redundant, I know) are going about it is designed to drag the president down. For example:


That’s utter nonsense. The president and vice president aren’t adding to anyone’s fear — that’s all coming from the Left. CPAC went on as planned, after all. It was the lefty South by Southwest festival that was canceled due to irrational panic.

POTUS had a nice response to the always-execrable Cuomo:

A frequent conversation among my conservative friends lately is that the only chance that drooling moron Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep has of winning in November is if this stupid virus somehow tanks the economy. We know that financial hardship for millions of Americans wouldn’t bother the Democrats if it meant they could win an election, so proclaiming that the media coverage is an attempt to kneecap Trump is a valid argument.

As for life in self-quarantine, it’s not really different from my everyday life. I’m here working alone all day, every day anyway. I’ve got a scratchy throat so I figured a little extra me time would be responsible. I’ve canceled some social plans and an eye doctor appointment. I’m not panicking, although some news on Sunday night made the quarantine seem even wiser:


These are fun times. Lots of gallows humor over the weekend. I’m not really worried about my own health. Most people who get coronavirus will be fine. I just don’t want to accidentally be the jerk who passes it on to someone vulnerable. And as soon as the incubation period is up I’m getting back on a plane so we can start the whole watch over again.

Because #YOLO.

My real hope is that we all get it in the next few weeks, get over it in a hurry, and have this nonsense out of the news cycle as we get closer to the election.

So stop washing your hands so we can get this over with soon, people.

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I think I need a signature quarantine craft cocktail.


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