The Morning Briefing: California Freelancers Rally to Overturn Job-Killing AB5

The Morning Briefing: California Freelancers Rally to Overturn Job-Killing AB5
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The Labor Union Lie

I had some really bizarre WordPress problems while working on today’s Briefing so it’s going to be a bit truncated. More tweets than words today, probably.


There was a rally in the God-forsaken city of Sacramento yesterday in support of overturning the hideous AB5, a law that was passed under the guise of being pro-worker but, as with most leftist initiatives, ends up ruining everything.

The Chico Enterprise-Record:

SACRAMENTO — There were truck drivers demonstrating next to dancers, and singers standing in solidarity with court transcribers.

There were also massage therapists, sign language interpreters, choreographers, lots of freelance journalists and, of course, all manners of Democrats and Republicans, all united under the most unlikely of circumstances.

It took Assembly Bill 5 to bring such a diverse group to the west steps of the Capitol on Tuesday morning, where around 300 people listened to several speakers describe how the “gig economy” law had impacted — or, in many cases, eliminated — their livelihoods.

Three hundred people may not seem like much in a state the size of California but there are a couple of things that explain that.

First, Sacramento is convenient only to Sacramento.

Second, the people most affected by this insidious law are either working all the time or out of a job now thanks to AB5.

My good friend Kira Davis, another freelancer who is also the editor-at-large for our sister site RedState, recently shared this AB5 primer for anyone who wants to get up to speed:


California is in thrall to Big Labor. The California Teachers Association is far and away the most powerful political lobby in the state, with extraordinarily deep pockets. Unions follow its lead, and the Democratic politicians who run the state do its bidding without question. Even when it’s not running point on an issue, it’s pulling the strings.

AB5 is a union-backed effort that has no other aim than to generate more union dues. It masquerades as pro-worker but it’s ultimately a job-killer. Freelance workers deliberately trade certain corporate comforts for flexibility and freedom, which the union ghouls behind AB5 seek to destroy. It’s more nanny-state control-freak garbage from people who are envious.

My good friend Andréa was at the rally (and provided the feature photo for today’s post) and shared this very succinct observation:


Like me, most of the friends I left behind in California are freelance, self-employed entertainers and writers. AB5 is wreaking havoc with their lives. The ones who aren’t considering relocating to another state are being forced to incorporate, which I know firsthand is ridiculously expensive in California.

Leftists blather on about “workers’ rights” and “freedom” but don’t believe in either. It’s all about state control.

Every. Single. Time.

I Hope I Don’t Get Fired for Saying “Dumb Broad” Here



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