The Morning Briefing: Our Intellectual Betters Are Actually Dumber and Worse

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Save Us From Our Moron Overlords

This quote is perfect for this morning’s topic:

While doing a live video chat for our VIP Gold members on Monday, Kurt Schlichter and I briefly discussed just how lacking those who position themselves as our “betters” are in modern-day America.

Perhaps there was a time in America — when both Jefferson and Adams were involved in politics, for example — when our elites possessed a wealth of admirable qualities.

That ain’t happening now, boys and girls.

The leftists in the media and Washington who fancy themselves our intellectual superiors are, for the most part, a collection of uninspired dullards floating around in a world that’s a toxic mix of lowered expectations and financial connections.

A perfect example of unwarranted leftist superiority popped up on Tuesday, and I wrote a little something about it:

One of the most tedious and enduring qualities exhibited by coastal media bubble elites like’s Matt Yglesias is an almost wholly undeserved, smug sense of intellectual superiority which they can’t help but lord over the common folk.

They have a binary view of American critical thinking in which they see themselves occupying lofty planes of braininess and conservatives as being predominantly engaged in clipping coupons for domestic beer.

An amusing byproduct of this tediousness is that they so very often end up looking really stupid whenever they want to remind you how smart they are:

The example that follows in the post may seem trivial, but the condescension it exhibits is what drives all progressive politics, and therein lies the rub.

The battle for the soul of America in 2020 is dominated on the Democratic side by a bunch of people who you wouldn’t trust to have the mental acuity to feed your goldfish without bollocksing it up, who want to micromanage almost every aspect of our lives.

Warren, Sanders, and their ilk are power-hungry lunatics who are made more dangerous by the fact that they actually believe the crap they’re peddling.

We’re staring straight into a dystopian future where the dumb kids are given the keys to the kingdom and immediately decree that everyone in the realm become paste-eaters. They’ll also increase your taxes to pay for the paste, all the while telling you that they are giving it to you for free.

Let’s not buy the free paste.

As I Was Saying…

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