The Morning Briefing: CNN Determined to Normalize 'Throuple' Queen Katie Hill

The Morning Briefing: CNN Determined to Normalize 'Throuple' Queen Katie Hill
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I’ll Never Get That Naked Hotel Sofa Pic Out of My Head

I left California to avoid things like this. Katie Hill was elected after my departure from the Golden State, and if I had never found out anything about her I would have been happy.


Hill resigned from Congress so quickly after the sordid details of her “throuple” that we were all hoping she would simply retreat back into the private sector and never be heard from again.

Alas, that was not her plan.

Almost immediately, Hill began getting her face in front of every camera she could find to begin playing the victim. She took not the slightest bit of responsibility for her actions and seemed to be on the offensive even when she was backing out the door.

The media has now made it clear that they have no interest in Hill spending any time in obscurity.

I wrote a post yesterday about an absolutely ridiculous appearance that Hill made on CNN Friday, where she joined the deeply hacktastic Chris Cuomo to pontificate about “integrity,” of all things. It was a bit much to stomach, to say the least.

Here is something I wrote before I was aware of how the rest of the day would play out:

Second chances are fine, but the stench from Hill’s scandal is still wafting across the land. That she is already showing up as a talking head is proof that the mainstream media is trying to give credence to Hill’s “I’m the real victim here,” narrative.

CNN was far from done with Hill for the weekend. She was a guest on Sunday’s Reliable Sources, joining doughy, awful Brian Stelter to complain about the real bad guys:


That’s right kids, it’s the fault of the “right-wing” that she had an affair with a staffer and left a fair amount of tawdry detritus from her sex life strewn about the place for people to find.

Her appearance on Stelter’s show was all about letting her spin her victimhood narrative. MSNBC had her on to weigh in as a serious voice on impeachment:

If Hill had gone away even for a little while, this might be less unseemly. The bottom-feeders who inhabit the mainstream media now have a bloodlust for any hint of scandal among Republicans. Democrats, however, can fly whichever freak flags they want and nothing gets judged.

What makes all of this most annoying is that Katie Hill is a real lightweight. America didn’t just miss out on what would have been a stellar congressional career. She was part of the “rah-rah girl power’ group that entered the House at the beginning of the year. When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez emerges as the intellectual heavyweight in a group, it’s proof positive that the rest of them couldn’t think their way out of an open bathroom.

Let’s maybe look around for someone slightly less awful to celebrate, shall we?


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The Kruiser Kabana

This is a nice bit of nostalgia for me. My first push into showbiz was getting the lead in a high school production of Grease my senior year. I was hooked on the applause. I was ruined for day jobs after that.


This is incredible:

I am not currently under indictment.


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