What Became Clear in the Trump Years

What Became Clear in the Trump Years
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While some observers and commentators knew well what was going on in America, most citizens did not. But a great deal became clear to at least half of all Americans. 


The Democrat Party would stop at nothing to gain power and advance their progressive ideology. The Clinton campaign colluded with Russia to buy fake dirt on the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, and the partisan national security agencies used this fabrication to spy on the Trump campaign and administration. The outgoing Obama-Biden administration supported the campaign against Trump and members of his team. The Department of Justice led a jihad in the form of a special prosecutor and a squad of eighteen Democrat partisans to find evidence that Trump was a traitor, but failed. 

Senior Democrat members of Congress, such as Pelosi, the House speaker, and Adam Schiff, chair of the House Committee on Intelligence, lied for four years about Trump, even after the special prosecutor’s failure, claiming that they had evidence that Trump was a Russian asset or agent, while never producing any. When the public interest in Russia! Russia! Russia! declined, they, like the New York Times, switched to “Trump is a racist.” Now everyone was chanting racist! racist! racist! not only at Trump, but at his children, cousins, uncles, aunts, and just about every classical liberal and conservative in the country. No lie was too base for the Democrats. 

The Democrats in Congress proved to be uninterested in any legislation to advance the interests of the American people, concentrating instead on extremist proposals to advance far-left, unconstitutional progressive impositions, such as opening the border and providing illegal aliens all measure of benefits, and attacks on the duly-elected president. The Democrats had violated the first principle of democracy; they refused to accept the outcome of the presidential election. They became “the resistance.” Nor did they stop at an unnecessary and flimsy impeachment, knowing that it would not succeed, but hoping that it would injure Trump in the next election. 

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Democrats did not care how much they harmed the country with their divisiveness, conflict, anger, and lies. They did not care that stirring up racial hatred would divide the country even further, lead to widespread riots, looting, arson, attacks on police, and murder of civilians, all of which they denied was happening, and thus harm citizens of all races. The Democrat alliance with the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter led to local officials constraining, defunding, and defaming police. The Democrats claimed that black citizens were being indiscriminately murdered by police, for which there was no evidence whatsoever, and they ignored the fact that thousands of blacks were murdered, and tens of thousands assaulted, raped, and shot, almost entirely by other blacks. The Democrats also ignored the surveys showing that black citizens opposed defunding and disbanding the police. 

We learned that the Democrats do not like the Constitution very much. It was written by dead white men, so no longer could be considered valid. Worse, many of the writers were slave owners, which means that the Constitution was not just complicit with, but the foundation of slavery. Furthermore, the Democrats have found the Constitution politically inconvenient, so they want to change the parts they do not like, such as the First and Second Amendments, and the Electoral College. As well, they hope to appoint woke justices for the Supreme Court, so that the Constitution can be brought up to date with the Democrats’ socialism and race preferences. The Democrats want to be sure that the Court does not interfere with the Democrats’ highest value: killing their babies at a rate approaching a million a year. 

With all of the dirty tricks used by the Dems to rid themselves of President Trump, would they stoop to election fraud using fake and illegal ballots and biased counting? Undoubtedly, without question. 

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The Media

Those citizens expecting an objective and impartial media were stunned to discover that the mainstream media, the heritage media, the cable news channels, and the social media tech giants, with the rare exception of one cable news outlet and two national newspapers, all had become propaganda tools for the Democratic National Committee. Closely following the Democrats, the media flooded the citizens with biased and distorted accounts, slanted “news,” and told almost unlimited outright lies. 

Among this outrageous violation of public discourse, commonly viewed every hour on shameless CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NPR, and read in now-disgraced New York Times and Washington Post, I will spare the reader by mention only the mendacious “1619 project” of what used to be the paper of record, the New York Times. This “project” was a set of articles that claimed that America was never about rights and freedom, but always and only about slavery. It was easily refuted by serious historians, but the anti-Americanism of the New York Times is now on record, to be added to its neglect of the Holocaust, its attacks on Israel, and its general anti-Semitism. 

The other side to the partisan lies of the media is their blatant partisan censorship of stories that hurt their preferred party and candidates. Over years, but increasing close to the election when mountains of new evidence became available, the media refused to report on the financial corruption of the Biden family, and its overriding of national interest in its influence selling. The social media giants disgraced themselves with their canceling of newspaper stories and messages from government officials that tended to undermine their progressive goals. 

Nor should we ignore the superb job that the media did in frightening Americans half to death because of the coronavirus. This was in aid of blaming Trump, and making Americans obedient to despotic Democrat governors and “public health” officials. Science went out the window as computer projections passed off as “science” told us that we all were going to die. Masks were mandated as necessary to save lives, in spite of the fact that both the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control have stated publicly that there is no scientific evidence that masks protect anyone against the virus. The motto seemed to be: generate fear, and people will obey. Much publicity was given to so-called “cases” of the virus, with the declining number of hospitalizations and deaths ignored. Obey, serfs!

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It became clear that the hollowing out of American industry was not due to some inevitable law of economics, but rather was the intentional policy of industrial leaders. Sending industries to low-wage regions in Mexico and Asia brought higher profits for industry officials and investors, but a loss of jobs to the American working class and stagnation to the salaries of the middle class. So too with open borders to a flood of illegal aliens who competed for jobs with the poorest Americans, thus driving down wages. 

President Obama said that the industrial jobs would never come back, but Trump brought them back. Trump’s reduction of taxes and regulations led to a record unemployment overall and for every minority, as well as a substantial increase in working and middle-class wages. Trump’s enforcement of the law at the southern border, in the face of determined resistance from the Dems, reduced the influx of illegals and their unfair labor competition. 

In spite of claims of “peak oil,” America ramped up petroleum production to become energy independent and even an exporter. No longer dependent on adversaries in the Middle East for necessary energy, the U.S. no longer feels the need for intervention in the Middle East. 

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Foreign Affairs

Contrary to the several decades-old view that the rise of China was a good thing for America and the world, it became evident that Communist China had supremacist and imperialist objectives. And that was before it intentionally infected the world with its coronavirus. For decades China had been stealing American technology, manipulating the currency market, and taking advantage of a naïve and lazy American government. The Trump administration was the first to take action against China, in trade, intellectual property, and China’s geopolitical ambitions. To speak from a position of strength, Trump rebuilt the military, which Obama had allowed to run down. Americans now understand what China is, and what it is to us. 

For decades, the American foreign policy establishment had insisted that the path to peace in the Middle East was through and only through the Palestinians. Trump proved this false by helping Israel to establish relations with several additional Arab countries, beyond Israel’s cold peace with Egypt and Jordan. This was partly the result of the ongoing threat to the Arab world from Iran, a country that the Obama-Biden administration has appeased with billions of dollars and freedom to build nuclear bombs, if they would be patient. Trump put maximum sanctions on Iran, reducing their means of furthering terrorism and creating further discontent in their suppressed population. 

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Social Policy

During the second half of the 20th century, Americans rejected the sex and race hierarchies that made women and people of color second-class citizens. During the two decades of the 21st century, new sex and race hierarchies were reinstituted: males were now ruled “toxic” and inferior to females, and whites were ruled evil. Our original hierarchies were momentarily flattened, only to be flipped as revenge was visited on males and whites. This is the new “woke” America, where females and people of color (and, in Canada, indigenous people) are the preferred people in university admissions, hiring, funding, and social benefits, as well as in government and industry. Sexism and racism are very much in fashion, just the reverse versions. That is how identity politics works. 

Fairy stories were told by the media and Democrat officials that police and whites gun down all black men as soon as they leave their homes. This ludicrous lie is supported by no facts whatever; statistics of deaths refute it absolutely. Similarly, the feminist claim that every female is raped as soon as she steps out of her home is equally lunatic. The tendentious feminist “surveys” claiming universal rape, and the feminist redefinition of rape as an unwelcome look, undermine the credibility of feminist claims.   

LBGTQ++, once despised and even outlawed, are now regarded as queens and kings, and preferred to heterosexuals. They join females and people of color as recipients of special benefits and considerations. Once again, science goes out the window, as some people identify as a sex other than their birth sex. Biological men can say that they feel like women, but to say that they are women is a rejection of the biological facts. So too with females who feel like men, but are not men biologically. Hormone treatments and cosmetic surgery do not change biological facts, such as that 99% of the population is either XX or XY and have the consequent physiology. The denial of biology has led to the ridiculous exhibition of biological males claiming to be females shutting out all female athletes in competition and taking female sports championships. This is deeply unjust to female athletes. 

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We have gone from marginalizing females and minorities to marginalizing males and the majority. This is clear now, for example, from the law courts that rebuke universities’ Title IX feminist extremists who have violated legal process and human rights in victimized male students. Whites are now frogmarched into Maoist condemnation and confession racism awareness sessions. We are being pushed into woketopia, whether we like it or not, and most of us do not like it. But now it is evident what is going on. 


By education, the Democrats mean leftist indoctrination. And with Democrats controlling the universities and schools, all of our children are receiving anti-American, Marxist propaganda. How did this happen? Americans know that the far left has captured the universities and imposed orthodox Marxism and cultural neo-Marxism in the form of extremist feminism and critical race theory. And schools, which receive their personnel from radical education faculties in universities, teach their pupils Marxism in simple language. That is why parents are forbidden from watching what is taught during distance learning. 

Lawyers from radical law schools are committed to twisting the law to impose Marxism on the public. Today’s propaganda “journalists” are university graduates, offering their Marxism as honest accounts of events. Science is being wrecked by woke impositions and the replacement of science by “social justice” cancellation. Spineless university officials, which is almost all of them, spout this week’s politically correct rhetoric and charge their “diversity and inclusion” thugs to enforce correct speech on students, staff, and academics alike. Anyone wishing to defend America, the Constitution, and human rights would need to begin with the universities, which should be deeply reformed, root and branch. 

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