Trans Fact: Science Community Reeling After Study Shows Men Are Stronger Than Women

Trans Fact: Science Community Reeling After Study Shows Men Are Stronger Than Women
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The party of science that insists that men can be women and play fairly in women’s sports just got kicked in the basketballs after a new report, published by the British Journal of Sports, shows that biological men, even on estrogen, still outperform women on the playing field.

I feel like my only response to this should be “Duh.” Surprisingly, NBC reported this news that shocked no one—except Ivy League Gender Studies majors.

A new study suggests transgender women maintain an athletic advantage over their cisgender peers even after a year on hormone therapy.

The results, published last month in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, could mean the current one-year waiting period for Olympic athletes who are transitioning is inadequate.

The numbers are in and it’s apparent that men are still stronger and faster than women. It’s hard to believe, I know.

The three physicians conducted a retrospective review of medical records and fitness tests for 29 transgender men and 46 transgender women from 2013 to 2018. The Air Force’s fitness assessment includes the number of pushups and situps performed in a minute, and the time required to run 1.5 miles.

They also had records on when the subjects started testosterone or estrogen, the type of hormone used and the number of days from when treatment began to when their hormone levels reached the normal adult range for a cisgender person.

For the first two years after starting hormones, the trans women in their review were able to do 10 percent more pushups and 6 percent more situps than their cisgender female counterparts. After two years, Roberts told NBC News, “they were fairly equivalent to the cisgender women.”

Their running times declined as well, but two years on, trans women were still 12 percent faster on the 1.5 mile-run than their cisgender peers.

The misuse of the made-up word “cisgender” to describe biological females is grating. There’s no such thing as “cisgender” and I refuse to use a word that has no need to exist and was invented a few years ago to further the radical overreach of the trans lobby. Biology already gave us words for what we are talking about: male and female. Any other false label is used only to confuse the issue and I refuse to play that game—begun by far-left professors out to redefine words.
What this report should have said is “..two years on, males were still 12 percent faster on the 1.5 mile-run than their female peers.” See how insane that sounds? That’s why they can’t use the proper term. It destroys the narrative that somehow gender is up for debate. It really isn’t. You can’t be the party of science and keep denying reality.
But don’t get excited that science is getting un-woke and is ready to accept reality again. Oh, no! Your daughter is still going to have her trophies taken by a dude. Commenting on legislation to ban boys from girls’ sports, the author of the study, Dr. Timothy Roberts, made sure to loudly virtue-signal his super-woke position of disenfranchising girls in favor of boys.

Proponents of such legislation have already started using Roberts’ research to support their cause, but he insists he’s not on board.

“I’m definitely coming out and saying, ‘Hey, this doesn’t apply to recreational athletes, doesn’t apply to youth athletics,’” he said. “At the recreational level, probably one year is sufficient for most people to be able to compete.”

He also underscored the data he compiled was on adults: The average age of the airmen he studied was 26. A transgender woman who transitions before or at puberty, “doesn’t really have any advantage” when it comes to athletic performance, he said. “So that young lady should be allowed to compete with all the other people who are born women.”

It’s at the Olympic level where a few percentage points matter, he said, “and we need to do a few more studies to see if that’s a permanent effect.”

Roberts gets to keep his gender-fluid street cred because he thinks it’s okay for males to take your daughter’s chances of getting to the Olympics as long as no one is disenfranchised once they get there. But what about the girls who never qualified because they were unfairly competing against boys who went on to win state championships? We don’t know what research Roberts is using to claim that adolescent boys don’t “have any advantage” over girls. He just claims it as if it’s a fact without sourcing his theory. I need more evidence on that one. I highly doubt that, if studied, the results would be any different than the results of Roberts’s research showing adult males outperforming adult females.

[DISCLAIMER: Since this will surely be labeled by someone as “transphobic” I shall insert an obligatory human rights statement of fact. All people have a right to exist and live as they wish. I’ll even call you she/her—if we’re friends and you’re not actively seeking my firing—and would stand up for your right to be treated the same as anyone else. But that doesn’t mean you get the right to take opportunities from others and stomp on their dreams. There’s a way to navigate this without disenfranchising girls and women. Maybe it’s a trans-sports league. Maybe it’s a trans subcategory of competitors. I don’t know—you figure it out. But women’s and girls’ hard-won rights are not up for debate, nor are they to be subjugated to the will of a few men seeking to infringe upon them for personal satisfaction.]

TL/DR: Woke media and woke science admit the truth but nothing will change.

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