The Most Troubling Poll Ever Spells Doom for Our Nation

The Most Troubling Poll Ever Spells Doom for Our Nation
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

America, “the land of the free and the home the brave.” The beacon of freedom for the entire world. For generations, people have come here to fulfill their dreams because nowhere else in the world gives them the same opportunities for success.

Yet, sadly, many who live here don’t appreciate what America has to offer. They think America is the root of all evil in the world because of capitalism. Now, no one can argue that America has unfettered capitalism (if only), but that doesn’t really matter. To the American left, capitalism is evil–and socialism is the cure.

Never mind that socialist regimes have a sordid history. Inconvenient truths about socialist icons like Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Lenin, and Mao Zedong matter little to the left, who would sooner wear a t-shirt with Guevara’s likeness on it than acknowledge that he’s a mass murderer. Imagine wearing a t-shirt with the likeness of Adolf Hitler (another socialist) on it. It’s pretty much the same thing—except most people don’t deny that Hitler was a mass murderer.

One might think that given our society’s incredible access to information the ugly truths about socialism would be taught in schools, but alas, they’re not. Instead, kids are being taught to embrace it.

And it’s working.

A new Fox News poll shows that a majority of Democrats favor socialism over capitalism. According to the poll, which was taken August 7 through 10, 59 percent of Democrat voters had a positive view of socialism, while only 49 percent had a positive view of capitalism. This poll represents a sharp trend in the wrong direction compared to the last time the poll was taken, February 2020, when 50 percent of Democrats had a positive view of capitalism and only 40 percent had a positive view of socialism. The earlier survey alone is trouble, but the rapid trend of Democrats favoring socialism is bad news for the nation’s future. Remember, these are the Democrats voting in primaries, choosing who will represent their party at the local level and up to Congress and the White House.

That’s troubling, especially considering that the last time a Republican won the White House with a majority of the popular vote was in 2004—and George W. Bush was hardly a small-government conservative.

And there’s no point in denying that Democrats in power reflect the socialist tendencies of their voters. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have an unbelievable influence on the party. Despite claiming to oppose AOC’s Green New Deal, Joe Biden embraced it with open arms his first day in office. Despite running as a moderate, Biden is governing to the left of Obama, which is no small feat.  He’s doing so because he can get away with it. It’s what his party wants. When your party embraces socialism, you have pushed further and further to the left, taking our country to places that were unthinkable even ten years ago.

“Joe Biden is just a Trojan horse for socialism,” Trump said last year on the campaign trail. “He is, he’s a Trojan horse. He has no clue, but the people around him are tough, and they’re smart.”

Trump was right, but the truth is that every Democrat is. Not just Joe Biden. The party wants socialism. Anyone who runs for office in the Democratic Party is competing for votes from voters who view socialism positively. Republicans may win in the 2022 elections and take back the White House in 2024, but the cultural forces indoctrinating the public in favor of socialism are still there. We have to do something about that.

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