WATCH: Two Men Knocked Out, Robbed in Chicago While Women Twerk

AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

In a gruesome video, two white men are seen getting knocked out in Chicago’s entertainment district, one by a sucker punch he never saw coming. The victims don’t appear to have been together. Both are white, and all the attackers are black.

The attack took place in Chicago around 1:30 a.m. local time in the bustling 400 block of North State Street. Traffic stops as one man is accosted and attacked by two men. He tries to make his escape, but that doesn’t work. Before long he is unconscious in the middle of the street. Two women then arrive in the street and begin twerking just as a passerby wanders into the scene and is knocked out by a punch he didn’t see coming. As they lie unconscious in the street, a mob swarms and robs both men, including taking their shoes, while more “ladies” twerk in the street. No one appears to help.

As the men struggle to regain consciousness, they are attacked again. The first man tries to fight back.

The first man who was attacked refused medical treatment. The man who was sucker-punched was taken to the hospital.

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The video is nauseating for numerous reasons: the attacks, the sucker punch, the robbery, and what appears to be a twerking victory lap in the street.

A Duck Duck Go search shows crime in the 400 block of Chicago’s North State Street is not rare.

Chicago Police Department (CPD) radio traffic shows cops who were monitoring the nearby surveillance cameras told dispatchers about a “battery in progress” on State Street at 1:33 a.m. Officers arrived six minutes later and requested an ambulance.

This attack isn’t surprising. Chicago is a toilet and crime runs rampant. As of this writing, 86 people have been murdered in August and another 414 have been wounded by gunfire. Thus far this year, 3,059 Chicagoans have been murdered by people using firearms.

Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot famously, and absurdly, declared that racism is a “public health crisis” in Chicago, even as bodies stack up in the morgue and people are beaten in the street.

Both Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and Lightfoot are big fans of defunding the police and “equity,” and their policies have turned Chicago into a war zone.

This isn’t the only disturbing video out of Chicago lately. A Puerto Rican couple was dragged from their car and executed earlier this summer. The local PC news station showed the video but blurred the face of the killer.