The CDC Is Right, Racism Is a Public Health Threat, But Not the Way They Want You to Think It Is.

(Elizabeth Brumley/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP)

Hidin’ With Biden

WARNING, this article is soaked with facts. Merely reading this material will, in the eyes of the commies, make a you a racist. Proceed at your own peril.

The CDC has declared racism a serious public health threat. They might be right, but what they aren’t telling you is where the racism is coming from.

The silliest of geese, Gropey Joe Biden, tells us white people are causing the majority of our nation’s race problems. Statistics and data, i.e., science, tells a completely different story.

Pro-tip: If the media doesn’t give you a description of an attacker, he or she likely isn’t white. Why is it the New York Post gave a description of an attacker who recently attempted to rape three women in an NYC park, but left-leaning CBS did not? Don’t the women living near Inwood Park deserve as much? I thought the left was all about women’s rights? That depends on the skin tone of the bad guy.

Bizarro World

It’s safe to assume that whatever the left says is the opposite of what is really happening. They said Trump colluded with Russia, yet we learned that the DNC and the Hillabeast paid for Russian disinformation against Trump. They claim January 6 was the new “9/11” yet ignore the roughly 270 riots of 2020-2021 where our cities burned, including Washington, D.C. New York City Mayor De Blasio, aka Herr Warren Wilhelm Jr., told us NYC has never been safer, months after bail reform and emptying the jails led to the biggest crime surge since the ’90s. A crime surge that mostly hit black and brown people.

Did We #StopAsianHate?

We did not. If anything, the attacks have become more brazen. The only change is that most of the mainstream media just silently walked away from reporting on it, because,…well, you know. If they DO report it, it’s buried too deeply for most people to see it. Mission accomplished.

FACT-O-RAMA! CNN actually stopped reporting violent, anti-Asian hate crimes because they are “trying to help BLM.”

If I Had a Hammer

Maricia Bell, 25, has been on quite the hate-crime spree. She allegedly attacked four Asian people, including a 75-year-old woman, whom she assaulted with a hammer. Media response? Crickets. What does it take for a vicious hate crime to make the news? A white attacker.

Beyond The Pale

Anti-gay crimes, like three black adults assaulting a 12-year-old gay black child, are mostly ignored. Many hate crimes are committed against the Jewish community but barely make the headlines. For a group of people that “control the media” you’d think they’d get the word out.

Twist And Shout

The left is good at deflection. They will spit-scream “WHITE PEOPLE COMMIT THE MOST HATE CRIMES!” True, but that’s because the nation is mostly white. Guess who commits most of the hate crimes in China? Chinese people. Duh. What the left doesn’t tell you is that white people are roughly 67% of the population and yet commit only 52.5% of hate crimes. Black people, less than 13% of the population, commit 23.9% of hate crimes, nearly twice as many crimes as their population would suggest. If you have a house full of libs (why would you?) mention these stats and you’ll clear the room.

The Sound of Silence

The media is VERY picky about which hates crimes make the headlines. Do you recall Dorothy Dow, the 83-year-old great-grandmother who was beaten so badly in 2016 that both of her arms were broken and was then set on fire by her four attackers? Despite the brutal beating and her broken bones, she managed to pour water from her sleeping machine over her head to douse the flames. She died two weeks later. You likely don’t recall this heinous attack, one of the worst in recent history, because it just didn’t quite fit the racial narrative the lefty press wants to propagate. If four rednecks did this to an elderly black woman, you can bet your white supremacy discount card that this country would have burned for weeks. On the other hand, a white woman, known as “Central Park Karen,” went viral and lost her job after calling the cops on a black man who openly threatened her unleashed dog.

The lefty pinkos are lying to you about the nation’s racism problems. They are hiding the truth in a “systemic” manner. Some people call it “political correctness.” I call it “obstruction of justice.”