Daily Dose of Downey: Biden, de Blasio in Black Kowtow Contest, Woman Who Let Killer Walk Shot to Death

(AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

Taste The Boot

If Biden was a bird he would be a brown-billed swallow. In yet another shameless attempt to suck up to black voters, Joe Biden signed the Juneteenth bill into law, making June 19 a federal holiday and, ironically, giving another paid day off to a lot of white people. Biden, who eulogized former KKK master-blaster Sen. Robert Byrd, should consider becoming a magician for his ability to make his racist past disappear. Factor in that Trump couldn’t order his coffee black without CNN beta-cuck Don Lemon calling him a racist.


Not to be out-toadied, New York City Mayor Komrade de Blasio announced his Juneteenth Economic Justice Plan, which will include universal scholarship accounts for black kindergarten students as well as City University of New York (CUNY) scholarships and 200 paid internships for black teens.

De Blasio’s new plan builds on a 2016 pilot program in Queens to invest in children’s college savings. The “baby bonds” plan has thus far brought in $6 million for schools for kids in School District 30 in Queens. De Blasio plans to expand on that by putting $15 million into savings accounts for “every public school child” starting this year, with at least $100 going into each student’s account.

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But Wait, There’s More

New York City taxpayers, oops, I mean De Blasio, will deposit yet another $45 million into 2,800 four-year scholarship accounts for “black and low-income CUNY students” with the primary focus being on students at the mostly black Medgar Evers College and low-income students living in neighborhoods that ignored CCP virus lockdown orders were impacted most by COVID. The Juneteenth servility plan also includes a $20 million grant to Medgar Evans College. No idea if Apparatchik Bill’s mayoral successor will continue with this cringe-worthy thralldom.

But Wait, There is STILL More

New York City is now handing $1,250 a month to 40 young homeless people, 18-24, to see if they use it to get an apartment. My Magic 8-Ball says, “Seems wildly unlikely considering most homeless people prefer to devote the bulk of their finances to booze and drugs.” A University of Chicago study reports that homeless youth aremuch more likely to be Black and brown and LGBTQ than their older counterparts,” as 95% are people of color. Everyone with wi-fi and nine seconds to spare can read that welfare and entitlement programs have been gutting black families for 56 years. No idea why people at the University of Chicago capitalized the word “black” and not “brown.” Apparently, the PC gluten-dodgers who decide what is/isn’t racist haven’t gotten that far yet.

What Have We learned?

A woman that hung a jury because she had a crush on the murder suspect has been shot dead. Katherine Diop had the hots for homicide defendant Devon Thomas, on trial for manslaughter in 2012, and insisted he was innocent, resulting in a mistrial. She was shot to death when her brother was arguing with a man and Diop unwisely decided to start waving a BB gun. The man whipped out a real gun and shot her four times. Weird what happens when you try to keep a killer on the street, right? Extra lesson learned: don’t bring a BB gun to a 9-mm argument.

BONUS: Casanova Devon Thomas was convicted of manslaughter at his re-trial.