Pelosi's Salon-Gate: The Blow-Dry Heard 'Round the World

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

As the sparks that ignite revolutions go, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s illicit visit — maskless, no less — to a California hair salon this week probably won’t rank up there with the storming of the Bastille.

It won’t be spoken of in the same breath with the Boston Tea Party.

Years from now, after we’re long gone and turned to dust and coronavirus is but a paragraph in the history books, historians will not compare it to Texas’ Battle of Gonzales, or to the Battle of Fallujah in Iraq.

But it’s important. It may prove to be a turning point.

The story is this.

Back in March 2020 — a few months ago, which feels like a lifetime now, before we ever heard of the Tiger King — the nation began to suffer shutdowns, lockdowns, and the ignominy of chronic unemployment. For many Americans, this was the first time in their adult lives they had no job.

And it wasn’t their fault.

It was China’s fault. But the media tried to pin the blame on President Trump. The Democrats devised a plan.

“Two weeks to flatten the curve,” our political class told us. “Give us two weeks and you’ll be safe from the viral menace.”

Those two weeks were extended to four, then more, as petty tyrants in Democrat-controlled cities and states became drunk on their newfound power. They locked Americans up in their homes. They forbade millions of us from working and pursuing our dreams. They put millions on the edge of eviction and bankruptcy. They threw our lives into chaos.

Coronavirus Double Standards and the New American Privilege

And they liked it.

They let protesters run amok in our cities, while they closed down our churches and shuttered our businesses.

Because they liked it.

They spun around in their leather executive chairs behind their big desks in their opulent taxpayer-funded offices and enjoyed the misery they had unleashed because they thought it would ruin the economy and thereby ruin Trump and grant them even more unchallenged power.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.) liked laying down arbitrary restrictions on how people could and couldn’t use their boats. She liked telling them they couldn’t drive their own cars to their own homes.

Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-New York City) liked harassing Jewish kids who wanted to play on local playgrounds, and he especially liked harassing Jewish people who wanted to attend funerals.

While the COVID curve has been flattened in most states for weeks or months, these Democrat tyrants have gamed and extended their restrictions. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D), despite having had fewer than 500 COVID deaths in a population of more than 4 million in her state, just extended the “state of emergency” to November 3.

Which happens to be Election Day. Brown isn’t even trying to hide her wish to stain our republic anymore.

The largest city in her state is burning with riots. She doesn’t care.

Hey California! Just Because Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew Shut Your Business Down Doesn’t Mean She Can’t Get a Haircut! UPDATED

Gov. Gavin Newsom likes crushing California’s economy. He keeps extending the Golden State’s ban on normal life and is considering adding some kind of racial “health equity” score before businesses can reopen. He’s keeping businesses guessing about when and how they can open again.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has represented Congress from California for a very long time. Too long, frankly, for a healthy republic.

Gov. Newsom is her nephew.

Gov. Newsom is still keeping businesses, including hair salons, closed across the state—because he can, and he hasn’t been told not to yet.

Earlier this week, Pelosi needed to go on TV and take softball questions from our broken media.

She needed to fix her hair before going on TV. So she texted her favorite hair salon, despite the fact that it has been closed for months thanks to her nephew’s tyrannical ways, as she surely knew, both because she knows him and because she knows politics.

The closed salon made an exception for Pelosi and opened just for her because she’s really scary.

As Rioters Destroy New York, Cops Kick Jewish Families Out of a Playground

But the salon owner wasn’t about to let Pelosi’s blatant violation of California’s COVID clink go unchallenged. She leaked video to the media, and Pelosi found herself on TV again. Once, for the interview in which she told the lies she wanted to tell, unchallenged by pliant media, and again, in security camera video of her getting her hair washed and blow-dried, while she, Nancy Pelosi, walked around the oppressed salon without even wearing a face mask.

Caught! On camera! Breaking the law her own nephew is imposing without legal foundation on millions of Californians because he wants to.

Pelosi broke the law because she expected to get away with it.

Pelosi and her ilk tell the rest of us to wear masks or we’re not patriots. Walking sock puppet Joe Biden (D) uttered a variation of that very line today.

But there she was, in a closed salon she had pried open, obtaining a service denied to millions of us, from someone who is mostly no longer even allowed to earn a living, not even wearing a mask.

Pelosi’s first response when she was caught red-handed and bare-faced was to lie.

She said she didn’t know she was doing anything wrong.

That failed.

It was also implausible. Pelosi is one of the nation’s most savvy political operators. She knew exactly what she was doing.

So she lied yet again, blaming the salon for a “set-up.”

Pelosi Now Says the Hair Salon Owes HER an Apology: ‘It Was a Set-up’

Even Marion Berry would have blushed.

Americans find ourselves at a crossroads at this moment.

We have violent rioting in the streets. Democrats simultaneously deny it is happening, in the cities they control, which they also call peaceful protests as people die, and which they also blame on Trump despite the fact that he has denounced it from day one. The Democrats bailed out violent protesters and took nearly three months to say anything negative about it. They’re ordering police to stand down. They’re allowing our cities to burn. They’re tearing the country apart.

Millions of us remain unemployed, not allowed to work an honest day for an honest day’s wage.

Our political elites have been oppressing us — in the guise of saving us — for months. Pelosi is but one of many.

Who can forget when Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) admitted that her hair is more important than your ability to eat?

Who can forget the spectacle of seeing the buffoon de Blasio going to the gym after telling the rest of New York City that they can’t?

Who can forget Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney getting caught dining indoors in a Maryland restaurant after he banned indoor dining in Philadelphia?

On and on it goes.

Democrats have gleefully imposed one set of rules on us, while they merrily live under a whole different set of rules themselves.

They have split the First Amendment between virus-friendly fiery (but peaceful) protests (allowed) and quiet and socially-distanced church services (not allowed).

Pelosi’s actions and her subsequent lies to cover her tracks and blame others should be the end of all this. Pelosi has destroyed the lockdown’s credibility for good.

Yes, Nancy Pelosi should resign as Speaker of the House. She won’t, but she should if she had a shred of integrity left.

She should depart the political scene in shame if she had any.

As for the rest of us, it’s time for a truly peaceful protest.

Let’s do what the Democrats fear most: Work. Do what we want. Pursue our dreams again.

Let’s storm those restaurants, cubicles, live-music venues, movie theaters, offices, and retail establishments. Fire the warning shots with our debit cards, and win the war against Pelosi and her fellow tyrants with our ambition.

Let’s rebuild the economy they destroyed, and let the world know that Nancy Pelosi has stirred our righteous wrath and caused us to rise up and answer the blow-dry heard ’round the world.

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