It's Big, It's Ugly, It's Expensive...

And it’s racist: The UN’s racist conference on racism, officially known as the Durban Review Conference. More in my column this week for , though it is impossible to describe within the length of any one column the astounding variations on perversity, duplicity, hypocrisy and abuse of the UN’s charter ideals — all embodied in this multi-million-dollar conference scheduled for April, 2009 in Geneva.


With the 20-member preparatory committee chaired by Libya, and including such vice-chairs as Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Cuba and Cameroon, it’s been clear for some time that’s there a problem with this gathering. Which is not in fact just one big meeting, but has already entailed over the past 16 months a series of meetings, in Switzerland, Ghana and Brazil — all to be consummated with a grand pow-wow in Geneva, under that $23 million ceiling that now decorates the chamber in which the erstwhile UN Human Rights Council carries out its regularly scheduled and almost single-minded attacks on the democratic state of Israel, and assorted other democracies, such as the U.S.

You’d think there would be some way to stop this, but it just keeps rolling along, and getting bigger. I’m wondering if instead of trying another round of UN “reforms,” we should just take away the UN portfolio from the State Department, and give it to GM and Chrysler. With a little luck, the UN would be out of business in no time.


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