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Meanwhile, Over at the UN, the Latest Multi-Million $$$$ Scandal

Lest it get lost in today’s news out of Virginia, a note here about the latest tale of UN scandal, involving yet another UN entity, the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, or DESA. This latest UN doozy involves allegations of gross UN mismanagement of a UN project meant to promote — you guessed it — good governance. That initial flap has now escalated into a fight between UN officials and the UN’s own auditors, following allegations by the government of Greece that millions earmarked to fight corruption were diverted into UN featherbedding, unauthorized projects and mysterious consultancies.

The full story, by the Executive Editor of Fox News, George Russell, is linked here.

Note: I have collaborated with George Russell on a number of stories over the past few years, including tales of corruption in the UN Procurement Department, and “The Curious Career of Maurice Strong.” I did not work with George on this one, but strongly recommend his story — which exposes yet another fractal of the vast, rotten and self-serving empire that is today’s UN.