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Iran Anti-Sanctions Propaganda Starts to Spin

Iran is a country swimming in resources, with 10% of the world’s oil reserves and the world’s second-largest proven repositories of natural gas. In that setting, its terror-backing regime has chosen for years to pour resources not into better,safer lives for Iranians, but into building a war machine — obtaining missiles and missile technology from North Korea, buying nuclear technology from Russia, building an internationally forbidden nuclear-bomb-making complex (no doubt paying a premium to keep parts of it secret) and sending Hezbollah an estimated $100 million a year to support terrorist protection rackets in Lebanon.

Yet, when a plane crashes in Iran, reportedly killing 80 people, who does Reuters point to as the culprit? As noted by Pajamas Media in Barcelona, the U.S., of course:

“US sanctions on the Islamic state have prevented it from buying new aircraft or spares from the West, forcing it to supplement its ageing fleet of Boeing and Airbus planes with aircraft from the former Soviet Union.”

As the Iran-sanctions debate gets rolling at the United Nations, this is just a taste of what to expect.