Guns and Tacos: Questions Elaine Quijano Should Ask Mike Pence and Tim Kaine at the Only #VPDebate

Indiana Governor Mike Pence and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine are set to take the stage tonight at the only scheduled vice presidential debate of the 2016 election. CBSN daytime news anchor Elaine Quijano will moderate the 90-minute event.


It’s not Trump vs. Clinton, so there isn’t as much buzz surrounding tonight — especially with playoff baseball, Dancing with the Stars, and National Taco Day. But our loyal PJ Media fans have spoken, and we’re here locked in, ready to go!


Like we did previously with the first showdown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, we asked our followers on Facebook and Twitter what the candidates should address.


Here’s how some of you broke it down:


1. The Second Amendment


2. Religion (courtesy of PJ Media’s Tyler O’Neil).


3. Farmville (remember that?) and the Circus

4. Tacos (from yours truly because it’s National Taco Day)

PJ Media will be live-tweeting the exchange between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine. Follow us @PJMedia_com. We invite you to tweet us your reactions and vote in our real-time polls throughout the night. We might even retweet you!

VodkaPundit Stephen Green will be drunkblogging the debate as well. See if you can hang with him by clicking here. You can also follow him on Twitter @VodkaPundit.

Grab a beverage, and we’ll see you online!



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