How 'Roseanne' Reboot Can Speak to Trump's America


Just about every other show these days deals with the election of President Donald J. Trump. In most cases the references are hardly flattering to the commander-in-chief.


Both CW’s “Supergirl” and ABC’s “Agents of Shield” refer to the “resistance” in ways that paint Trump-like figures in a poor light. ABC’s “Scandal” offers up a Trump-inspired figure, too. Suffice to say he’s hardly a positive role model.

And we all know how late-night shows are treating President Trump.

Now, ABC is bringing back the original blue-collar comedy. And we’re told the “Roseanne” reboot will address life post-Nov. 8, 2016.

Uh, oh.

ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey recently said the 8-episode reboot starring Roseanne Barr in her signature role will explore life in Trump’s America.

“I don’t know whether Roseanne will speak about Trump by name. But she’s going to speak very honestly,” Dungey said.

Barr quickly fired back via Twitter.

So which is it?

Barr might have spoken out to let the show’s writing team tackle the reboot in an organic fashion. Still, she’s become an avid Trump supporter on social media, and her old show captured the red-state zeitgeist that spoke out so loudly last Nov. 8. How could the reboot ignore Trump at this point?

Here’s how the show should address the new administration from an honest, blue-collar point of view.

For starters, the Conner clan can avoid taking the hard-left position on key cultural issues. Separate bathrooms for transgender people. Open borders. Safe spaces. The old Roseanne Conner would snort over college kids cowering anytime opposing views head their way.


Her loud and proud character may be older, and a bit wiser, but turning her into a mouthpiece for progressive causes just doesn’t make sense.

Fake News also could get a closeup. Most Americans simply don’t trust the headlines zipping across their tablet screens. And for good reason. Other shows wouldn’t touch that reality. “Roseanne” might. And could. Heck, that would make the show stand out all on its own.

Part of President Trump’s appeal came down to his big mouth. Americans are sick of political correctness, and his “shoot from the hip” style endeared himself to many, even when his comments were brash… or even inexcusable. It’s how Roseanne Conner spoke nearly 30 years ago, too.

Tell it like it is, and do the necessary damage control later.

That kind of free-spirited banter must be part of any new “Roseanne” series. If not, then why bring back the iconic character in the first place?


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