Actress Jessica Chastain 'Shocked' That 'Uneducated White Men' Are Voting for Trump


Jessica Chastain understands getting political could impact her career. She simply doesn’t care.

It’s simply that important to insult U.S. citizens voting for Donald Trump. Let the career chips fall where they may, she argues.


First, Chastain demanded a landslide for Hillary Clinton in comments captured by Then, she turned up the heat on anyone daft enough to vote for Trump.

“As a woman, it’s just shocking to me to read statistics that say 70 percent of uneducated white men are voting a certain way. It feels like such a punch in the gut.”

Chastain shared these thoughts while promoting “Miss Sloane,” what appears to be a pro-gun control drama hitting select theaters Nov. 25.

Normally, actors promoting a film want as many people to see said film as possible. But what happens when an actor promotes a film by insulting a large swath of the audience?

Chastain knows the risks. She just doesn’t care.

“I want to participate in this election, and I want to speak my mind, and I’m not going to be afraid,” she said. “Some people say, ‘You don’t want to lose part of your audience!’ You know what? If it happens, it happens. I spend so much time playing characters in movies, but I’m not going to play a character in my real life.”

Of course, Chastain is currently an in-demand star with the respect of her peers. What happens if “Miss Sloane” stumbles at the box office… and her followup projects underwhelm, too? Suddenly, all those juicy roles start mysteriously going to her peers.

It’s possible. Is it worth it?

More importantly, why does Chastain feel the need to tell the world her political opinions? What makes her more, or less, qualified to weigh in on the subject? Does Chastain think we’re so eager to hear her particular views on the election? Those undecided folks must get her take on things before pulling that lever?

We typically don’t know who our favorite server, bank teller or cab driver wants to be president? Why must Chastain thrust her views upon us?

Does she have any idea about “Clinton Cash,” the brilliant expose of the Clinton Foundation’s chicanery? What about all the damaging revelations from WikiLeaks regarding the former First Lady?

You can partially blame today’s journalists for throwing political questions at stars and starlets. Often the stars themselves, though, bring up political issues.

Should reporters press her on gun-related topics? Actually, yes. If that’s the theme of her next movie, and if the narrative offers thoughts on the subject it seems fair game. And let’s hope the actress has done her research on the matter.

Otherwise, Chastain is risking her career status by weighing in when no one needs to hear her views on Clinton, Trump or anything else related to Election Day.



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