The Left's Racists Are Out to Get Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz believes that attacks on Marco Rubio are because he’s a conservative Latino.

 “I think Democrats and the media are afraid of Marco Rubio because he is a smart, intelligent, conservative Hispanic. And they are looking for any excuse they can to attack him, because that threatens them,” Cruz told reporters during a tour of a Texas gun manufacturing plant north of Austin. “Look, he took a drink of water in a speech. And it dominated the news for days with one network saying it was a career ender.”


He’s right.  Cruz should know, has been the victim of this racism in recent days as well.  The New York Times fired the first major volley at freshman Texas Senator Cruz.  MSNBC’s Chris Mathews followed suit.  The liberal “pile-on” has begun.  It’s their effort to marginalize a smart, conservative Latino who didn’t need them to succeed in life.  It’s what we can expect from the left-wing biased hacks that dominate alleged news sources these days.  Cruz represents a spoiling of their narrative that Latinos are a bunch of extreme, left-wing, statists, who want, deserve and need government to take care of them from cradle to grave.  One has to excuse these extreme left-wing forces.  Throughout history, they’ve done this sort of thing to minorities who dare to shatter the ideas of dependency they’ve crafted for us.

Chris Matthews followed the New York Times hit piece on Senator Ted Cruz with some analysis of Cruz’s performance at the confirmation hearing for the unqualified candidate President Obama has chosen to be the next Secretary of Defense of the United States.  Matthews was indignant that Ted Cruz was asking for financial statements that might show that Chuck Hagel received money from foreign governments or extremist groups.  Cruz told the Senate Armed Services Committee, “We do not know, for example, if he received compensation for giving paid speeches at extreme or radical groups.”   Matthews immediately cried “McCarthyism.”  Matthews ignored the fact that Hagel has been less than forthcoming on his financial dealings with the committee.  Mathews also ignored the other Senators who expressed grave concern over Hagel’s evasions, not to mention his competence to hold down the “Sec-Def” post.  But Matthews and the New York Times weren’t invoking McCarthy when the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, declared on the Senator floor that 2012 GOP candidate Mitt Romney had paid no income taxes for ten years.  Reid made the claim right in the middle of the campaign with no substantiation, or proof of any kind.  Even after documents emerged proving Reid lied through his slimy teeth, no apology, no retraction, just liberal business as usual.  The white, extreme, “Occupy Wall Street” Reid, gets a pass. The conservative Latino gets tarred and feathered.  That’s your modern day press. They’ve grown quite adept at overlooking questionable practices perpetrated by liberals.


Who can forget left-wing icons Dick Durbin and Ted Kennedy actively seeking to thwart the advancement of a Latino because he didn’t know his place?  Miguel Estrada was on a fast track to be the first Latino nominated to the Supreme Court.   That’s before liberals derailed his prospects.  A memo from Senator Dick Durbin’s office back in 2001 showed why liberals fear Men like Cruz and Estrada.

“[The groups] They also identified Miguel Estrada (D.C. Circuit) as especially dangerous, because he has a minimal paper trail, he is Latino and the White House seems to be grooming him for a Supreme Court appointment. They want to hold Estrada off as long as possible.”  But Democrat’s pure racism doesn’t stop there.

Here’s a gem from Senator Ted Kennedy’s office.

“The D.C. Circuit is far too important to appoint about whom we have so many questions. Key labor, civil rights, environmental, and administrative law cases are decided there, and we know it is a ‘feeder’ circuit for the Supreme Court. The White House is almost telling us that they plan to nominate him to the Supreme Court. We can’t repeat the mistake we made with Clarence Thomas.”

That was a twofer in the racism department, hitting both Hispanics and African-Americans.  Liberals and democrats will stop at nothing to keep minorities on the liberal plantation, even destroy the lives of the people who don’t fall in line.

It’s clear that the sharp knives are out for Ted Cruz.  It’s obvious that Cruz is coming on a little too strong for the liberal white men on Capitol Hill to tolerate.  So they’ve solicited their proxies in the so-called, “news” media, to help destroy and marginalize this man before his career in politics even takes off.  Their agenda is clearly seen by all of those who dare to see it.   We’re onto them.  And like the struggle undertaken by the great Dr. Martin Luther King decades ago, we conservative minorities will not allow their bullying to go unanswered.  We will fight the liberal establishment as they continue to try and shackle our people to the failure that is liberalism.  We’ll say with a resounding voice that they will not keep us down because we refuse to conform to their special brand of servitude to extremist causes.  Get used to us Chris Matthews, we conservative Latinos are not going anywhere.



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