Tim Scott Shares His Vision to 'Restore Order and Create Opportunities' for Americans

Tim Scott speaks at Erick Erickson's Gathering, 8/18/2023 — photo by Chris Queen

Many of the GOP presidential candidates are appearing at Erick Erickson’s Gathering in Atlanta. The first White House hopeful to take the state was Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), and he shared his upbeat vision for the country with Erickson and the audience in attendance.


Scott brought his mom with him, and as she sat in the audience, he extolled the influence that she had on his upbringing. He also talked about how his success as a black man proves that America is the land of opportunity.

“I am living proof that the American Dream is alive, and it is well and that no matter where you start in this country if you work hard, all things are possible,” he said, quoting Ephesians 3:20, which states that God is “able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think.”

Scott described himself as a threat to the radical left because he runs counter to the narrative that the color of your skin sets you up to be an oppressor or the oppressed. He said that leftists like Barack Obama seek to “drag us back into the past that no longer exists so that we eliminate the future.” Instead, Scott declared that we Americans should “define and decide the future for ourselves.”

Erickson asked Scott about the state of the U.S. military, and the senator answered that the federal government must “eliminate all experimentation, whether it’s vaccines or ESD, or DEI or gender issues.” Rather, “We need to have one focus for our military and that focus must be lethality.” Scott wants to increase military spending so that our fighting forces can be “loyal to our allies and lethal to our adversaries.”


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Another important topic for Scott is the overweening bureaucracy at the federal government level. He pointed out that Washington, D.C., should go back to the 10th Amendment and give some responsibilities back to the states, and he suggested that federal agencies should move out of D.C. and closer to the people these agencies serve.

“If you want to break the Potomac Fever, bring these agencies back to the American people,” Scott said.

The senator spoke about woke capitalism, relating a story of when he spoke to corporate bankers on Capitol Hill and asked them about their opposition to Georgia’s voter integrity law. The bankers didn’t have a response because they hadn’t read the bill, even though they had spoken out vehemently against it.

Erickson asked Scott about life on the campaign trail, and Scott replied that he’s enjoying being out on the road, meeting people, and expressing his vision to “restore order and create opportunity” for millions of Americans.

Scott concluded with a compelling vision of undoing this country’s weaponized justice system. “It’s time to fire Joe Biden,” he declared. “It’s time to fire Merrick Garland. It’s time to fire Christopher Wray. We need to clean out the entire DOJ” because “Lady Justice needs a blindfold.”


I’ve long been a fan of Scott’s optimistic and upbeat vision for the future of this country, and it was on display here at the Grand Hyatt in Atlanta.


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